What is the process for Council implementing the new laws?

    • The new laws do not automatically apply in every part of NSW. Councils are required to consult with their community and then determine whether or not to enforce the new boat parking laws. Randwick City Council invites the community to ‘Have Your Say’ until 5pm, Tuesday 24 July 2018.
    • Following the consultation period, a report will be submitted to Council. The report will advise Council on the consultation outcomes to assist in its determination to implement the provisions of the new act.
    • If the Council formally adopts the position to implement the Boat Law changes, the Council will place a notice in the NSW Government Gazette announcing the whole (or part) of the Randwick LGA gazetted as a “Declared Area” for the purposes of the Impounding Amendment (Unattended Boat Trailers) Act 2015.
    • Once this has been gazetted, a Public Notice Period will be provided prior to implementation.
    • If the new Boat Laws are implemented in the Randwick LGA, the Council would be able to commence the process to ensure that boats parked in the same spot for more than 28 days are moved.

    What is a boat trailer?

    A Boat trailer is a trailer constructed for, or used for, the conveyance of a boat and includes any boat (including any article that is secured to or in such a boat) or other article mounted on such a trailer at the time it is impounded.

    How will the new laws affect owners of boat trailers?

    If the new laws are applied, in line with the Impounding Amendment (Unattended Boat Trailers) Act 2015, boat trailers can be parked on the road, but must:

    a)  “move at least every 28 days (or other such period as is specified by the regulations)” if the boat trailer is parked in a Declared Area;

    b)  move from the parked location by “passing an intersection with another road”.

    What would Council do if a boat trailer was parked in the same spot in a residential area for more than 28 days?

    Council would investigate the matter, attempt to make contact with the owner, advise the owner of the Boat Trailer Laws and request the trailer be moved from its position within 15 days to another location. If it is not moved Council has the power to impound the boat trailer.

    How will Council monitor the boat trailers?

    With regard to this legislation, Council would only monitor boat trailers in residential or other built up areas if they have been reported to Council as being in breach of the law. Council Rangers are responsible for enforcing the act.