Relief in sight for company title dual occupancy owners: Minister agrees to fast-track LEP amendments

about 2 years ago

11 April 2018

Randwick City Council will seek to fast-track amendments to its planning controls to align with a new housing code for terraces and dual occupancies released by the NSW Government, Randwick Mayor Lindsay Shurey announced today.

The Government’s Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code will take effect from 6 July 2018 and permit new dual occupancy homes to be built and subdivided on blocks as small as 225sqm – almost half Randwick’s existing minimum lot size of 400sqm.

However the Government’s Code does not apply to existing or approved dual occupancy developments, which under Council’s existing controls are generally not permitted to subdivide.

“Today I attended a very productive meeting with the NSW Planning Minister Anthony Roberts, the Member for Maroubra Michael Daley and local residents where we discussed the financial pressure and stress owners of these existing properties are under. These owners are trapped in properties, many of which are under company title, and are increasingly difficult to sell after banks tightened lending practices on company title.

“I would like to thank Michael Daley for setting up this meeting and for championing this issue for our local residents.

“I would also commend the Planning Minister Anthony Roberts for agreeing to fast-track approval of an amendment to our Local Environmental Plan that will allow existing and approved dual occupancy development to be subdivided.

“This is a positive step forward providing housing certainty for those residents caught up in this issue and will provide consistency between existing and future development,” Mayor Shurey said.

Council will now meet to consider amending its Local Environmental Plan at an Extraordinary Council Meeting on 17 April 2018 and put the amendment on public exhibition for 28 days. The amendment will then be submitted to the NSW Planning Minister for fast-tracked approval.

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