Why is Council preparing a Local Strategic Planning Statement?

    Under new legislation, Councils are required to prepare a local strategic planning statement to outline the 20 year vision for land use. The statement is required to implement actions in the regional and district plans, and Council’s own priorities in the Randwick City Plan. The statement will work with the Housing Strategy to guide changes to planning controls, to ensure future change is in line with the community’s vision for the area.

    Why is Council preparing a Housing Strategy?

    The Greater Sydney Region Plan requires Councils to prepare housing strategies to ensure Councils can meet the housing need of their population. The housing strategy needs to include 6-10 year housing targets, identify capacity to support long term growth, and implement affordable housing targets.

    What locations are included on the short term housing growth map?

    The strategy provides for a balanced approach to growth from 2021-2026. This includes specific locations within the existing R2 Low Density Residential Zone for additional low rise uses such as terraces, manor houses and small lot housing, to provide more affordable housing for families. The Strategy also identifies select locations in close proximity to the light rail and/or town centres and strategic centres for a moderate uplift in development capacity.

    What is the proposed height of the sites identified for housing growth on the short and medium term housing growth map?

    The sites identified on the short and medium term housing growth map as Centres and Major Sites Housing Growth have been chosen for a moderate uplift in development capacity. Council will investigate appropriate height controls through the planning proposal process after finalisation of the Strategy.

    Is Council proposing to change the minimum lot size?

    Yes, the draft Housing Strategy proposes a reduction of the minimum lot size in the R2 Low Density Residential Zone to 325m2, which will allow a lot of at least 650m2 to build and subdivide two dwellings. The provisions for dual occupancies in the R2 zone will be removed, to allow for the subdivision of two dwellings (attached).

    When will the low rise medium density housing code commence?

    The low rise medium density housing code is currently deferred until 1 July 2020, to allow Councils to prepare their LSPSs. Council’s draft LSPS and draft Housing Strategy identifies that Council will advocate for permanent exclusion from the Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code and introduce appropriate local provisions to facilitate these housing types.

    If my house is identified on the map as a location of housing growth, will I have to sell my house?

    No, Council doesn’t force anyone to sell their land for development. Development happens over time only when individuals choose to sell their properties. If your property is located within an area of upzoning, you can choose to remain in your property as long as you like.

    What locations are included on the long term housing growth map?

    The Housing Strategy identifies opportunities for housing growth from 2026 onwards, demonstrating a staged approach to growth. These long term opportunities have been identified to align with transport investigations underway, and have the potential to contribute to the City’s housing need to 2040.

    The locations on the map include sites with existing capacity, such as Hill 60, owned and managed by the Local Aboriginal Land Council, and the Land and Housing Corporation estates known as Bilga Crescent, Soldiers Settlement and Coral Sea. Other long term opportunities include the area west of Matraville town centre, to improve the built form transition, and the Eastgardens-Maroubra Junction Strategic Centre, which will be subject of a future study.

    Will the Long Bay Jail be redeveloped?

    Council has consulted with the Department of Justice and they have stated there are no current plans to redevelop the site of Long Bay Jail. If in the future the Department of Justice makes the decision to redevelop the site, the redevelopment is unlikely to occur within the next 20 years, meaning it is beyond the scope of the Vision 2040 documents.

    Are the planning controls and housing growth areas identified in the draft Housing Strategy final?

    No, the contents of the Draft Housing Strategy are still at a draft stage and we welcome the community’s input during this exhibition period. Any submissions or comment received during this period will be considered and addressed during the finalisation of the Housing Strategy.

    When will the planning laws actually change?

    Following the finalisation of the Local Strategic Planning Statement and Housing Strategy, Council will prepare a planning proposal to amend the Randwick Local Environmental Plan 2012 to reflect these changes. This legislative process will involve further analysis as well as another exhibition period, meaning there will be another opportunity for the community to provide input into the process. Any changes to planning controls will likely come into effect in mid-2021. More information on the planning proposal process can be viewed on the Department of Planning Industry and Environment website.

    What is a Local Environment Plan Road Map

    In March 2018, the NSW Government released ‘The Greater Sydney Region Plan - A Metropolis of Three Cities’ and District Plans for each of Greater Sydney’s five districts. These plans reflect the NSW Government’s policy shift towards upfront strategic planning which requires an alignment between Regional, District Plans and Local Plans to give effect to District Plans. These reforms require councils to review and amend their Local Environmental Plans (LEP) within 3 years of the District plan being made.

    In December 2018, all Councils were required to review and submit a LEP health check to the Greater Sydney Commission to identify how closely aligned the existing local environmental plan is to the actions in the relevant District Plan. Council will also need to prepare a Housing Strategy and a Local Strategic Planning Statement.

    What is a Local Strategic Planning Statement?

    Recent amendments to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 that came into effect in March 2018 require all Councils to prepare and make a Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) for their Local Government Area (LGA).

    A Local Strategic Planning Statement is a 20-year vision for land use in relevant local areas within each Local Government area (LGA). It identifies the areas special character and values that are to be preserved and determines how growth and change will be managed into the future. The LSPS is to give effect to the priorities and actions from the Eastern City District Plan which are relevant to our local government area.

    As a minimum the LSPS has to contain:

    ·  Our LGA context and background

    ·  Land use vision

    ·  Planning priorities

    ·  Actions

    ·  Implementation and monitoring

    Why does Council need to prepare an LSPS?

    The LSPS will guide the preparation of the new Local Environment Plan (LEP) and Development Control Plan (DCP). The LSPS provides Council with an opportunity to translate strategic planning studies into local priorities and actions that are consistent with the Randwick City Plan 2017.

    The following diagram illustrates the relationship between the Regional and District plans and Councils Strategic Planning documents.

    When does Council need to prepare an LSPS?

    A draft LSPS needs to be prepared by 1 July 2019 for review by the Greater Sydney Commission.

    How will Council be preparing the LSPS?

    A review of Council’s existing LEP 2012 and the preparation of technical studies as evidence base, will inform the development of a draft LSPS for Randwick.

    The development of a Housing Strategy is a specific requirement in the implementation of District Plans that consider short and medium-term housing supply and longer-term capacity for housing.

    How you can have your say on the draft LSPS?

    Council will be seeking feedback from the community on the draft LSPS which is expected to be on exhibition during the first half of 2019 for a minimum of 28 days.

    Where can I find more Information?

    For more information please see the NSW Department of Planning and Environment website.