What services does Council provide for residents?

    Council has an extensive maintenance and cleaning program as part of our services to the community. These services include:

    • cleaning beaches daily
    • regular cleaning of public toilets
    • mowing sports fields and parks fortnightly
    • weeding, mulching and maintaining public gardens every three weeks
    • spraying for weeds
    • repainting street furniture
    • sweeping commercial centre footpaths daily
    • emptying commercial centre litter bins daily
    • sweeping beach promenades daily?
    • sweeping residential streets fortnightly
    • providing four free cleanups per year for every household
    • daily graffiti removal
    • year round lifeguard services
    • regular waste, recycling and green waste services
    • hundreds of great communityevents
    • three libraries

    How is the Council budget spent?

    For every $100, Randwick Council spends:

    $24 - major works and construction

    $21 - waste management

    $13 - parks, recreation and culture

    $9 - library and community services

    $7 - maintaining roads, footpaths and drains

    $5 - public safety

    $4 - our beaches

    $4 - planning and development

    $4 - State government charges

    $3 - engineering and traffic

    $3 - environmental sustainability

    $3 - governance

    What are the budget highlights?

    Highlights of the draft 2012/13 budget include:

    • $8.3 million for a new community fitness centre and crèche at the Des Renford Leisure Centre in Maroubra. The upgrade will modernise the centre adding a vibrant new entrance and more car parking to complement and enhance the existing pools.
    • $650,000 to upgrade five childcare centres
    • more than $3 million to resheet more than five kilometres of local roads across Randwick City
    • $1.7 million to repair and upgrade almost seven kilometres of footpaths across Randwick City
    • $320,000 to lay new street pavers on Belmore Road, Randwick
    • $280,000 for playground upgrades in Coogee and Kensington and
    • $465,000 to repair and improve Duke Street in Kensington to make it safer and smoother for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

    Funding for the aquatic centre and child care centre upgrades is made possible through Council’s ‘Buildings for our Community’ program.

    What are the 2012/13 highlights for my suburb?

    Chifley:  New multipurpose amenities and club house at Chifley Sports Reserve, road upgrades to sections of Anzac Parade andMacquarie Street.

    Clovelly:  Upgrade of Lifeguard offices at ClovellyBeach, Clovelly Road drainage improvements, upgrades to Varna Street footpath and road upgrades to Arden Street.

    Coogee and South Coogee:  Upgrade to Moverly Children’s Centre, Alby Smith Memorial Parkplayground upgrade on Dolphin Street, 387 metres of footpath upgrades.

    Kensington:  Footpath and streetscape works throughout Kensington and Kingsford near UNSW and Hospital, Kensington and Kingsford streetscape beautification, upgrade of Fitzpatrick Parkplayground on Day Ave, footpath repairs onMcDougall Street, drainage work on Duke Street.

    Kingsford:  Footpath and streetscape works throughout Kingsford and Kensington near UNSW and Hospital, Kingsford and Kensington streetscape beautification, 1.5km of road upgrades, footpath upgrades to sections of Anzac Parade and Sturt Street, drainage works onIrvine Street.

    La Perouse:  Significant $8.3 million road and streetscape upgrade nearing completion includes resheeting 2.4km ofBunnerong Roadand Anzac Parade.

    Malabar:  1.4km of road upgrades, footpath upgrade on Prince Edward St, Coastal Walkway extension, new amenities building at PioneersPark.

    Maroubra:  Construction of $8.3 million fitness centre and crèche at Des Renford Leisure Centre; $1.5 million for amenities buildings at Nagle Park, Heffron Park and Coral Sea Park; upgrade of Duffy’s Corner Occasional Care; upgrade of Maroubra Senior Citizens Centre; new outdoor shower at Maroubra Beach; new lights on Maroubra Beach promenade; 3.1km of upgraded footpaths; drainage works on Hannan Street.

    Matraville:  Upgrade of Beauchamp Road between Anzac Parade and Gainford Avenue, upgrade to Flanders Avenue, 824 metres of upgraded footpaths.

    Randwick:  Upgrade to Belmore Road shopping precinct with new pavers, new street banners along Alison Road, 1.4km of upgraded footpaths and upgrade of KU Child Care Centre and Rainbow Street Child Care Centre.