What were resident concerns and what design changes were made as a result?

    Set back
    Local residents wanted the new building set back from Robey Street.
    The new building will now be set 8.2m back from the kerb. This means that there is more room to landscape the area with native trees and shrubs.

    Privacy and sight-lines
    Neighbours wanted greater privacy protection.
    In addition to the building setback and landscaping, the windows on the eastern side facing neighbours in Robey Street have been replaced with a specially designed wall that allows light into the gym but blocks sight lines. There will be more window screening on the northern side of the gym for greater privacy.

    Bulk and scale of the building
    Residents were concerned the building looked too bulky from the street.
    The setback and additional landscaping, the new faceted curved design of the wall and the increased window screening will help soften the look of the building.

    Residents in the area were concerned that there wouldn't be enough parking spaces.
    As part of the project Council will build an additional car park for more than 50 cars next to the nearby playground in Heffron Park along Jersey Road.

    Neighbours were concerned about possible noise coming from the gym.
    There will be restrictions on music volume and the times when windows can be opened. Gym classes will finish by 8.30pm.

    Family change rooms and amenities
    Swim Centre users wanted upgraded amenities with more family change rooms and more showers.
    There will now be three additional family change rooms and eight additional showers.

    What is included in the upgrade?

    The upgrade includes:

    • a new community fitness centre and gym
    • a purpose built crèche
    • an upgraded café and kitchen
    • new reception, foyer, offices and retail space
    • landscaping and demolition of the existing substandard administration building

    What will be in the features of the new building?

    • two levels to minimise the building footprint and maximise floor space
    • a fully equipped gym with cardio, resistance, weights and spin areas on the upper level and an aerobics studio on the ground level
    • on the lower level, a crèche with outdoor space, a quiet room and its own amenities
    • a building shape and orientation that maximises privacy for neighbours
    • northerly glass areas for passive solar heating and cooling, and views across the park
    • an atrium allowing natural light down through the centre of the building and linking the two levels
    • a sitting area and meeting point close to the reception
    • an upgraded café and kitchen between the fitness and aquatic areas, close to the outside pools
    • a new entrance from the car park and a drop off zone

    How much will the upgrade cost and how will it be paid for?

    The cost of this project is $8.3 million. It will be paid for through the Buildings for our Community fund and income from gym fees. Thus there will be no ongoing cost to Randwick City ratepayers or increase in pool fees as a result of the upgrade.

    Will the new building include environmentally friendly features?

    This new energy efficient building is designed with a low carbon footprint and includes:

    • passive solar design
    • natural lighting and energy efficient fixtures and fittings
    • low energy embodied construction materials
    • natural ventilation with air-conditioning
    • rainwater harvesting and recycling

    An energy audit of the whole site is being undertaken to ensure the most approporiate sustainability systems are adopted for the pools and buildings.

    what are the time frames for this project?

    • Mid 2011 – initial designs released
    • Late 2011 – development application on public exhibition
    • Mid 2012 – work commences
    • 2013 – upgrade completed