What can go into my food caddy?

    All cooked and raw food scraps including meat, dairy, egg shells and spicy foods. You can even put paper napkins, sugar satchels and tea bags into your caddy. Be careful to limit watery liquids as these might leak.

    What can't go into my food caddy?

    Please don’t put any glass, plastics, cling wrap, metal, foil, waxed cardboard, Tetrapaks, nappies or ‘biodegradable’ plastics into your caddy.

    What do I do with packaged food items like yoghurt in a tub or tomato sauce in a bottle?

    Scrape or shake leftover food into your kitchen caddy, but please recycle any packaging through your household recycling service.

    I don’t think I’ll have room for my kitchen caddy, where else can I put it?

    The kitchen caddies have been designed to take up minimal space on your benchtop. They can also be stored in your kitchen cupboard or pantry. Otherwise you could always use a compostable bag in a smaller container if you have one you’d prefer to use.

    How often should I change my compostable bag?

    We’d recommend changing your compostable bag every 2 to 3 days.

    Can I use an ordinary bag if the compostable bags run out?

     No, you can only use compostable bags in your kitchen caddy. The compostable bags are fully biodegradable so they break down quickly. Ordinary plastic bags, or even other types of ‘degradable’ bags are not accepted by the processing facility. If you’re stuck, wrap food scraps in newspaper and contact Randwick Council on 1300 722 542 to order more compostable bags.

    Will my bin start to smell?

    Your bin is designed to minimise odours, however meat and fish scraps can smell if left for too long. You can always keep them sealed in a container in the freezer until you’re ready to take the compostable bag out to the bins.

    What’s the best way to clean my kitchen caddy?

    You can wash your bin easily in warm soapy water. Sprinkling bicarbonate of soda on the bottom can also help absorb liquids and odours.

    If I move, can I take my caddy with me?

    Your caddy has been provided as part of your usual waste collection service. Please leave it in your apartment if you move.

    Do I need to use the service if I already compost/use a bokashi bin?

    That’s great news and no, you don’t have to. Although you can use your kitchen caddy for items you can’t compost such as meat and fish scraps.