27 July 2017

Randwick, Waverley & Woollahra merger abandoned

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian calls off remaining five merger proposals including the Randwick, Waverley & Woollahra merger.
12 May 2017

High Court grants Woollahra leave to appeal

Woollahra Council granted leave to appeal Randwick, Waverley & Woollahra merger proposal to High Court of Australia.
09 May 2017

Randwick Council commences legal action

Council resolves at Extraordinary Meeting to legally challenge merger with Randwick, Waverley & Woollahra.
15 February 2017

Regional council mergers abandoned

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian abandons remaining regional Council merges. Pending metro Council mergers to continue.
22 December 2016

Woollahra loses Supreme Court appeal

Supreme Court of Appeal dismisses appeal by Woollahra Council against Randwick, Waverley & Woollahra merger proposal
09 September 2016

Botany & Rockdale Councils merged

Minister for Local Government Paul Toole merges Rockdale and Botany Bay Councils into a new council called Bayside Council.
20 July 2016

Woollahra loses legal appeal against merger

Land & Environment Court dismisses appeal by Woollahra Council against Randwick, Waverley & Woollahra merger proposal.
12 May 2016

NSW Government merges 42 councils

NSW Government announced the creation of 19 new councils by merging 42 councils across the state. Randwick not included due to ongoing legal action by Woollahra Council.
06 January → 28 February 2016

Council Merger Proposal public exhibition


18 December 2015

NSW Government announces mergers

Randwick, Waverley & Woollahra merger proposal announced.
October 2015

IPART releases results of Fit for the Future assessment

Randwick-Waverley merger proposal declared 'fit'.
July 2015

IPART publicly exhibits council submissions

30 June 2015

Randwick Council submits Randwick-Waverley merger proposal as part of Fit for the Future

May 2015

Randwick Council exhibits Options Analysis Report and community consultation results

December 2014 → February 2015

Randwick City Council community consultation

Council releases seven options for the future of Randwick City and seeks community feedback through various means including direct mail surveys, focus groups, website surveys, public information stands and telephone surveys.
25 November 2014

Council resolves to conduct due diligence & community consultation on Fit for the Future

Council resolves to establish a working party to undertake the necessary due diligence to enable Council to respond in accordance with the ‘Fit for the Future’ templates, due June 2015;

See the full Council resolution in the minutes of the 25 November 2014 Council Meeting.
October 2014

NSW Government announces 'Fit for the Future'

The Government's Fit for the Future program responds to the Independent Local Government Review Panel's recommendations. Under Fit for the Future, councils must use the Review Panel's recommendations as a starting point and respond by 30 June 2015.
October 2013

Independent Local Government Review Panel releases final report

Report recommends Randwick City Council amalgamate with City of Sydney, Woollahra, Waverley & Botany Bay councils to form a global city.
June 2012

Randwick Council commissions SGS Economics & Planning report on eastern Sydney

The full document can be found on Randwick City Council's website.
March 2012

NSW Government appoints the Independent Local Government Review Panel

The Panel is tasked with reviewing local government in NSW including council boundaries, operations and structures.