What is a heritage conservation area?

    A precinct, group of buildings, streetscape, landscape, suburb or town with particular heritage values that give it a distinct identity.  These heritage values can include historical origins, subdivision pattern, consistency of building materials or the common age of building stock.  Within a heritage conservation area there will be properties which make a positive contribution to heritage values (contributory items) which need to be protected, and properties that detract from heritage values  (non-contributory items) which may be modified or replaced.     

    What is a heritage item?

    A building, place, tree, object relic or archaeological site, or other work of heritage significance.  The fabric of a heritage item tells a story about cultural heritage which cannot be gained from documentary records alone.  Heritage items embody the history of our City.  They help to explain the historical development of our area, can shed light on the lives of those who shaped out history and represent the aesthetic tastes of their era.