Conflicting media interpretations - 5 September 2012

Extract from a Sydney Morning Herald article by  Jacob Saulwick:

“The plan endorses a light-rail line down George Street in the CBD and to Randwick but Ms Berejiklian said a decision on whether to build it was pending.

The plan scotches a proposed light-rail line along Broadway from Central Station to Sydney University and talks of a redesigned bus network that would require more peopie to change buses but offer more regular services.”

 Extract from a Daily Telegraph article:

“A plan to build light rail to the SCG and University of NSW appears to be out of favour with little mention of the proposal in the draft transport plan.

The only reference to the project is more study into the prospect of running a line through George St to the eastern suburbs….

The plan simply spoke about planning work and a strategic plan and said: "Expansion of light rail services in Sydney will be subject to NSW government consideration"."

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This consultation has concluded. This website was operational from 2011 to 2014 as a means to consult the community and show the benefits of light rail in Randwick City. The NSW Government will start construction on the CBD and South East Light Rail project after April 2015. For updates on construction refer to the Sydney Light Rail website:  

Randwick City Council continues to consult the local community about ways to reduce the impact of the construction of light rail in Randwick City. Future consultations will be conducted through our special consultation

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