Why aren't traffic signals or a roundabout considered for this intersection?

    Installing a major traffic facility such as traffic lights or a roundabout may introduce unexpected outcomes at nearby intersections.  Maroubra Road is a vital part of the Randwick City transport network carrying around 20,000 vehicles per day, therefore consideration must be given to ensure that the introduction of new conditions at one site (e.g. traffic signals or a roundabout) does not result in the transfer of traffic and crashes to another, nearby site. 

    What is the Maroubra Road Route Study?

    Randwick Council is proposing to undertake a strategic route study of Maroubra Road, from Bunnerong Road to Malabar Road. Planned within the next 12 months, the study would examine the road safety performance of Maroubra Road, the existing and future operation of the road (network efficiency / intersection performance / traffic delays), and the conditions faced by vulnerable road users (walkers and riders) travelling along and across the road. Other aspects to be examined would be emergency services issues, bus operations, road allocation (number of lanes) and the urban design of the route.

    The study will recommend a strategic vision for Maroubra Road for the next 10 years, and identify priorities for the implementing various Maroubra Road projects during the ten-year period. The individual projects will be costed and itemised for consideration in future Council budgets.

    Have the design changes resulted in any on-street parking losses?

    Even though this location is not heavily ‘parked out’ we have prepared the final revised design with the objective of minimising any parking loss.  

    Improvements to pedestrian safety are proposed by shifting and redesigning the existing pedestrian refuge on the western edge of this intersection.  Accordingly, two on-street parking spaces signposted ½ P 8:30am -6pm Mon-Fri will need to be relocated. We propose to signpost the two unrestricted parking spaces adjacent to the driveway access to 226-228 Maroubra Road, Maroubra as “½ P 8:30am -6pm Mon-Fri “.  It should be noted that the introduction of angle parking on the eastern side of Mons Avenue, has increased the local parking supply by an additional three parking spaces.

    Have cyclist movements been taken into consideration?

    The intersection adjustments have been developed to increase the safety for all road users. We have included the installation of bike logos at the intersection in order to make motorists more aware of the cyclists. 

    The upcoming Maroubra Road Route Study will have a strong focus on the conditions faced by vulnerable road users (walkers and riders) along and across the road.

    Why isn't there a slip lane for northbound Mons Avenue motorists, turning left onto Maroubra Road?

    When assessing the design elements for the intersection, a major focus was to improve the safety for the pedestrians. Slip lanes can be very problematic for pedestrians. They can put pedestrians in a vulnerable situation, with left-turning motorists focusing on the on-coming traffic from the right and speeding through their left turn without taking note of any pedestrians on their left.