What open space in Randwick is accessible to the public?

    Botany Bay National Park - 108ha

    Four regional parks (approx. 254ha in total), including:

    • Centennial Park - 193ha
    • Randwick Environmental Park - 13ha
    • Coogee Oval - 2.5ha
    • Heffron Park - 45ha

    Six district parks (approx. 38ha in total), including:

    • Kensington Park - 3ha
    • Latham Park - 7ha
    • Snape Park - 6ha
    • Nagle Park - 4ha
    • Coral Sea Park - 6ha
    • Pioneers Park - 12ha

    Twenty-one neighbourhood parks, with a total area of around 20ha

    Eight civic parks and places, with a total area of around 5ha

    Nine beaches and five coastal pools, and

    There are also a variety of other publicly accessible recreation spaces, including community centres, the Eastern Beaches Coastal Walkway and a large number of pocket parks*, beach and coastal reserves and roadside reserves

    * Note: There are four new pocket parks proposed within the former Department of Defence site.

    What open space is privately owned or has restricted or limited private access?

    Randwick Racecourse - 83ha

    Five golf courses (257ha in total), including:

    • The Australian Golf Course (privately owned) - 62ha
    • Randwick Golf Course - 28ha
    • The Coast Golf Course - 60ha
    • St Michael's Golf Course - 48ha
    • NSW Golf Course - 59ha

    Malabar Headland - 177ha (currently with restricted public access)

    • Proposed national park area (western and eastern parts) – 72ha
    • Central open space area (currently zoned private open space) – 105ha

    How much remnant bushland is there in Randwick City?

    There are around 243ha of remnant bushland areas across our City, with about 70ha of these bushland areas covered by the endangered Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub (ESBS).

    Are there any areas of open space not included in the open space calculations?

    We have not included landscaped areas on land that is part of a larger site, such as public plazas in town centres, landscaped areas in the University of NSW and other institutional sites, nor have we included the landscaped strips in the middle of Anzac Parade and other roads. We recognise the contribution of these spaces to the open space environment of Randwick, but they are not individually zoned.