Resident Parking Survey (CO5) Coogee

This survey is about the review of the Resident Parking Scheme to the area of Coogee CO5 outlined on the map. 

If you live in this area, please take the time to read the FAQs and complete the survey. Your responses are important to us and will be fully considered as part of the report. 

Please only complete the survey if you live in the Coogee (CO5) Area . Only one response per household will be accepted.

How many vehicles does your household have? (Please include company vehicles that are usually brought home.)
How many off street parking spaces does your household have access to? (Please include all garages, carports, driveway and other parking areas for your own house or apartment)
When, if ever, do you or members of your household have difficulty finding on-street parking near your residence? * required
After reading the relevant information do you support an introduction/expansion of the Resident Parking Scheme in your area? * required

Possible parking restrictions

If the result of this survey shows that the majority of residents support the introduction or expansion of a resident parking scheme in your area, what parking restrictions would you support? You may have an opinion on this matter even if you do not support the introduction of a Resident Parking Scheme.

Which days of the week should the parking restrictions apply? (this is only if a resident parking scheme is introduced)
What time of the day do you think the parking scheme should operate?
How long do you think 'non-permit' holders should be allowed to park in your area?

Contact Details

Please complete the following contact details. Surveys without a valid address will not be counted. Your contact details will not be disclosed, please see disclaimer below.



Personal details requested on this form are being collected and will only be used for the purpose of analysing information obtained from this traffic survey. If you cannot provide or do not wish to provide the information sought, the Council may not be able to include your particular survey information when analysing all the survey data collected. Access to the information is restricted to Council officers.

Please hold on while your response is being submitted