What's the purpose of the banner program?

    Our street banner program is designed to: 

    a) visually enhance Randwick City’s town centres and streetscapes 

    b) promote events and activities of public interest in Randwick City 

    c) promote Randwick City Council events, festivals and activities 

    d) enhance our strong sense of community and sense of place 

    e) support local businesses through beautifying our town centres 

    f) support local community, cultural and artistic groups

    How long has the street banner program been running?

    More than 12 years.

    Can street banners be hired by external organisations?

    Yes, they have been able to be hired for many years. 

    How frequently are street banners hired by external organisations?

    Not very often. In the past three years there has been only one hiring which was by NSW Health for a Hepatitis C campaign. 

    How much does it cost to hire street banners?

    Street banner poles cost $90 per pole per week to hire.  Hirers also have to arrange design and pay for printing and installation.

    As an example, a 2-week campaign to hire the 12 banner poles on Coogee Bay Road would cost:

    • HIRE CHARGE: $2,160 (Council fee)
    • INSTALL CHARGE: $528 (Council on charge)
    • DESIGN COST: For hirer to arrange
    • PRINT COST: For hirer to arrange (costs range from $50-$100 per banner)

    What are the rules around hiring street banners?

    Council's Street Banner Policy sets the guidelines for what the street banners can be hired for.

    The following is from the policy:

    To be eligible to hire Council’s street banners, applicants must demonstrate their event or activity is consistent with the following: 

    a) primarily relates to an activity taking place in Randwick City or affecting Randwick City; 

    b) furthers Randwick City’s sense of community; 

    c) increases visitation to Randwick City; 

    d) provides a direct economic benefit to the local economy; and 

    e) complies with the overall intention and objectives of this Street Banner Policy

    Banner artwork is required to be approved by Council before approval can be granted. Council also reserves the right to not accept any bookings at its discretion. 

    How much does Council spend on the street banner program each year?

    The street banner program budget for 2022/23 is $120,000. This budget covers installation and dismantling charges, maintenance to the banner poles; and banner production costs including printing, storage, washing and repair. 

    Can community or arts organisations hire the banners?

    Yes! The draft 2022 policy proposes a new initiative giving local artistic, cultural or community groups the ability to apply for grants to use the street banners.

    This may include applications to use street banners as a gallery space for locally relevant artistic exhibitions and community messages. 

    Grant applications need to be lodged via Council’s website and will be assessed according to the Community Investment Program guidelines and also need to be consistent with this Street Banner Policy.