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What do think of the other ideas in the Review Panel Report?

about 7 years ago

As well as amalgamations, the Review Panel Report mentions the following ideas:

  • creating full time Councillors
  • popularly elected Mayors
  • increasing rates
  • increasing fees
  • increasing parking meters
  • getting rid of the pensioner discount on rates.

What do you think?

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Consultation has concluded

  • k1w1brad about 7 years ago
    :: Increasing Parking Meters ::
    I don't mind the increasing parking meters but would want each area to have a 15 minute or 30 minute (just an example) free.
    Then a high hourly rate where the monies go back towards that particular street for repairs, maintenance, upgrades and general works.
    There are many residents that require off-street parking and this would either solve the parking issue (for residents) and potentially solve the lack of funds required to repair and maintain streets.
    An example would be for streets around Coogee Beach where the weekend parking rates could be high enough so that if someone 'really' wanted to park their car to go to the beach then by all means pay. Otherwise public transport. If they do choose to pay the high/expensive rates then it could be a win for residents in that street to upgrade or repair certain things.
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  • generousthief about 7 years ago
    Getting rid of pensioner discount on rates? That's a bit harsh. Why do we always hit the elderly in the pocket?

    NSW is really turning into an episode of parks and recreation.
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  • carlos about 7 years ago
    Full time Councillors, I don't think it would be a good idea, local council with its employees, grass roots workers, supervisors, Managers, Directors, General Mangers, Other Council staff, Councillors as is currently works leave it the way it is. No need to have full time Councillors.

    Popularly Elected Mayors
    Crazy staff, it's not about being a star it's about being efficient, about being local, about being a good councillor, about trust. It's not Die Hard, Alice in wonderland, mad max, it's about reality not fiction. We like our stars but choosing Mayors on popularity, star type image is a joke. The system in place works, leave it.

    Increasing Rates, they are high enough now, if this goes ahead the so call super global Council amalgamation, Higher Rates, more parking meters, take away pensioner benefits it's crazy. No to Rate increase without very good reason agreed by the Rate payers.

    Increasing Parking Meters ::
    according to the RMS previously known as the (RTA)increasing parking meters can not be used for the purpose of revenue raising only for the purpose of traffic management, turn over of traffic so it says. streets will become like a club with thousands of poker machines only in a parking meter you don't or have no chance of winning or getting any money back. how can the State Government go against their own RMS rules. parking meters will appear everywhere if amalgamations go ahead, thats what many people have said so far.15

    People say Councils will plan budgets on parking meters revenue, already on TV we see many Councils making millions and millions of dollars and more meters appear to make millions more. It's a licence type way for super Global so called Councils to print money if it goes ahead that parking meters can be put every. It's controlled at the moment,

    Getting Rid of Pensioner Benefits Discount on Rates.
    That's Crazy, we have pensioners now struggling to survive, people who have been a great part of our history and can contribute so much into our future, pensioners now many of then when shopping struggle to get what they need, many miss out on things that we just take for granted, Pensioners should be looked after not punished further. Old age pensioners should be rewarded not made to struggle more than they do now. Make things easier for pensioners not harder.
    Regards, Carlos
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  • sztong almost 7 years ago
    Introduce parking meters on Maroubra Beach and other popular areas, for randwick council residents provide parking permits which exempts them from paying (time limit still applies). Residents can't find parking alot of the times (taken up by non-locals) and/or walk to the beach anyway and if visitors are willing to pay, then council generates revenue - simple as that.

    Since there aren't that many shops and food options down near the beach, alot of visitors actually bring their own picnic or use the council's facilities to BBQ (another rate-payers we have to fork out for the benefit of others) so it doesn't stimulate Maroubra's economy in any shape anyway (unlike Coogee with all the cafe and shops).

    So many people are using our free beach and residents have to foot the bill. There is no way of taxing entry to the beach, so at least ask these visitors to pay for something and parking is the best option.

    I don't think pensioner discount should be removed, think of extra revenue generation like the above can generate which will more than cover the extra revenue from discounts.

    The rates are ridiculous high and service isn't improving (I have not seen any major improvements but the rates increase alot every year). Even the light rail seems to benefit visitors (UNSW students, racecourse, SGC etc) more than residents.....what is the council doing? A lot of people don't even want the light rail, we need something UNDERGROUND to ease congestion, not getting rid of lanes ABOVE ground.
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