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What are our council services like now?

over 6 years ago

How do you rate the services you currently get from Randwick Council?

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  • k1w1brad over 6 years ago
    Currently I like the response time of our Councillor. So far replies within 30 minutes (most of the time within 15 minutes)I believe this would be somewhat different with amalgamation.Also the personal attention that our current Councillor gives to us residents is to be commended. I would doubt this would happen with a super- mega- or uber-council.I refer to 'our' Councillor from personal experience and have yet to be disappointed.
  • carlos over 6 years ago
    Local council, local service , local needs, I am very happy with the services Randwick City Council provides, they know what we need and when we need it and where to put it. Randwick City Council provides many services for many needs, they know their residents, their visitors, the area, the environment. Randwick Council knows what we need and do a great job ensuring we continue to have the services we need. Great response times, gat vision, great community consultation.