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A global city council better?

about 7 years ago

What do you think of the Local Government Review Panel's proposal for a super global city council combining Sydney, Randwick, Woollahra, Waverley, Botany Bay, Marrickville and Leichhardt Councils?

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Consultation has concluded

  • carlos about 7 years ago
    local issues, local services, local needs, local councillors, local council, local communities need local attention, essential local services, at the moment we can easily communicate with our local council and be heard, actions then follow. Our Councillors know the area they are local people representing local area,

    Randwick Council has become and is a super Council of its own looking out for the environment they know and also the local people. its our local Council. Centralisation is not the answer. This should be put to the people the voters. We vote for our Councillors, Our Councils then if chosen become Mayors, Its our say that starts the process so let us decide if amalgamations are good for our local communities.

    In our opinion this is nothing short of a take over of local Government. Many people in the Randwick City Council area and also in the Waverley Council area have said that we dont want amalgamation, we know what we have, we know what we need, our Council knows what services we need to maintain. Keep the Local in local Government let the people decide if this massive proposal for change is in our best interest, put it to a vote like an election. When the state government came into power this was not on the agenda. keep it local No to forced amalgamations. Regards. Carlos
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    • Fay over 6 years ago
      Randwick Council is not one of the best Council areas to live in, in regards to services such as my local airless library located in Royal Randwick shopping centre which I am not sure is council owned. The post office is also situated inconveniently in the same shopping centre. There are not many businesses that I would not call local or distinctive on Belmore Road. Where is the community arts centre? Where is the local youth centre? Where is the community centre? Where is the local community health centre/mental health centre. Where is a bulk billing medical centre in my local Randwick area. Where is the local farmers market?

      A Council that allowed the Crown Plaza to over shadow the public beach that monstrous tower. There are buses that run frequently where did the trams go I know it is rather late in the day. Why did that go now the expensive colossal program to bring it back.

      The Councillors faces appear around election day then disappear into the fold only to reappear on yet the next election day. What local needs is the Council preserving and futures they are championing besides the light rail link. I do not mind amalgamation however a council will promote the narrative that amalgamation is a poor choice in its attempt for self preservation. Some Leichardt Council ideas about preserving heritage would be welcome and Marrickville Council has some great community incentives and programs for its local people. Woollarah has great urban design principles. Randwick Council could take some note of these more notable Councils rather than working on minimums in addressing community needs. What of the ignored Marrickville borders of the Randwick LGA.

      Randwick Council needs some new ideas and new approach and more services and community spaces that are rudimentary in other Council areas.
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  • LeanneC over 6 years ago
    My first thought is City of Sydney Council. How much infrastructure is involved there, pools parks etc. I can see our rates sky rocketing.

    Sooner or later the other 4 councils would be swallowed up by the City of Sydney and we would be a very small fish in a very large pond. When that happens it will be too late to turn the clock back. Our indepenence and local identity will gone forever.

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