What is the Community Light Rail Support Plan Committee?

The Community Light Rail Support Plan Committee (CLRSPC) is a Randwick City Council initiative. It's comprised of volunteers from the local business and resident community. Members of the Committee provide Council with feedback on ways Council can assist all local residents and businesses affected by the introduction of light rail in Randwick City. 

Who is on the Committee?

Members of the Community Light Rail Support Plan Committee were announced on 6 August 2014. 


How were the Committee members chosen?

Randwick Council's resolution to establish the Community Light Rail Support Plan Committee prescribed that the members were to be randomly selected.

In accordance with Council’s resolution, an Expression of Interest wasdeveloped and publicly advertised from 9 May 2014 to 27 May 2014 calling for interested resident and business members.

This expression of interest was advertised in The Southern Courier and through Council’s
communication channels including Council's website, Randwick eNews, Facebook and Twitter.

Expressions of interest were received via Council’s established Light Rail to Randwick
Applicants who did not meet the selection criteria were discounted and the remaining
candidates were drawn at random to participate in the Committee.

The random draw was conducted on Tuesday 22 July 2014 following a Council

What power does the Committee have?

The Community Light Rail Support Plan Committee does not have any decision making authority. It is an advisory committee only. Council will consider feedback from the Committee in conjunction with broader feedback from the wider community.

Is this the only way Council is consulting the community about light rail?

No. The Support Plan Committee is just one way Council is engaging the local community affected by light rail. Council will also be undertaking detailed community consultation on specific projects with all interested and affected residents and businesses. 

Council has a number of voluntary committees which provide a useful face-to-face interface with a small group, but they do not replace wider consultation.

You may also be interested in visiting www.yoursayrandwick.com.au/lightrail.

Why can I not participate in the forums on this website?

This website is for the members of the Community Light Rail Support Plan Committee. Only the members of the Committee can participate in the forums, but everyone can view the forums.

There are open public forums available on Council's Light Rail to Randwick website www.lightrailtorandwick.com.au.

What is the involvement of Transport for NSW (State Government) in this Committee?

Transport for NSW and the State Government is not involved in this Committee. Even though light rail is a state government project, the purpose of this Committee is to provide Council with feedback on how Council can assist residents affected by light rail.

Transport for NSW holds a number of community reference groups and meetings. You can learn more about these meetings on their website: http://www.sydneylightrail.transport.nsw.gov.au/.