Share your thoughts on the La Perouse Anzac Monument

about 2 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

What do you think the monument should be? How do we acknowledge the past while also moving forward?

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This consultation has concluded.  Thank you for your comments.

  • GraemeHarrison over 2 years ago
    The best solution would be a monumental arch over the roadway at that point, ie North of the roundabout which commences the 'LaPa road loop'. It does not need to replicate the huge 'Menenpoort' WW1 memorial arch in Ypres, Belgium. And this 'style' of memorial is not really used in Australia. But consider most Sydneysiders' awe when they first drove under the Luna Park arch in their youth. Having a monument 'span' a roadway is a very good way to draw attention to something. The arch could be just 2-3m 'thick', not the 20m+ of Menenpoort. For effect, the surface stone and simple architectural style could be matched to the Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park, to book-end the length of Anzac Parade. The inscriptions should all be about the campaigns/countries in which Australian (& NZ) troops fought, and not be about immortalising the names of the RCC counsellors pro temp at the time of its opening. And yes, any span of the roadway would need to be after the widening of the roadway for bus terminus usage, but the roadway does already narrow for the purpose of the roundabout, so the arch could be 'closer' than one would 'otherwise' like to see from the roundabout.

    While some might think that an arch over a roadway is not a good place to hold ceremonies (eg at opening, or at Anzac Day each year), for any major Anzac-related event, the roadway can simply be closed at that point for the ceremony. Access to the loop is not critical, and any emergency services etc can access via 'the back way' that comes off Anzac Parade 300m farther to the North.
  • LKC over 2 years ago
    The monument should tell the history of why it's there and why it is significant so that anyone visiting now or in 100 years knows the story. Definately do not want to see all the names of Randwick Councillors plastered all over the monument. That would totally miss the point of why a memorial/monument was there, and indeed would be disrespectful to those who served.

    A simple but strong design for the monument. Possibly a modern interpretation of the Memorial Obelisk at Moore Park.
  • bayman over 2 years ago
    I don't like the idea of an arch, which would be totally out of proportion to the original moment, and I definitely don't want to see any current councillors adorning whatever is built.
    There should be a monument which reflects the style of the one at the other end of Anzac Parade, though it should be a bit more modern, to show that it took 100 years to complete the picture.
    The most critical thing, in my opinion, is to MOVE THE ORIGINAL ONE INTO THE CENTRE OF ANZAC PARADE. It's disgraceful that it is stuck over to the side in the park where it can't be seen!
    Then the new one at La Perouse should also be at the other end of the parade, in the park around which the loop road goes, also not sidelined to some other little park a few hundred metres short of the end.
    Near it there should be a separate monument celebrating the contribution which Aboriginal people made to the 2 world wars. La Perouse is the iconic Aboriginal place in Sydney, and should be recognised as such.
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    • Christine Farmer over 2 years ago
      Agree that it is disgraceful where it is and until it’s done - I don’t feel it is a valid idea.
  • Christine Farmer over 2 years ago
    Moving the monument from it’s original position right at the start of the Parade and destroying this area by getting rid of the trees has spoilt this idea. It was to be at the start and finish of Anzac Parade. The monument is lost where it is and putting one at La Perouse is not really completing the original idea. Better spend the money making La Perouse a more historical place where the true history is told even the unpleasant bits and use it to celebrate the founding of that area.
  • Larry over 2 years ago
    Great idea, and the monument should be modern in design and made in local sandstone and acknowledge the First Peoples involvement. "estimates are that about 1,000 Indigenous Australians – out of an estimated population of 93,000 in 1901 – fought in the First World War (though the real number is probably higher)."
  • DrewGrey over 2 years ago
    The ANZAC tradition is one of the few truly unique identifiers of Australian culture. I commute every day along Anzac Parade and the obelisk always provides a short moment of reflection and respect amongst the shuffle of an overcrowded bus. I was sorely disappointed to see it all of a sudden swept aside and hidden in a dark corner. I think there can be no valid reason for it.
    I readily welcome the idea of a complimentary monument at the other end of the parade. I agree it should use local stone and pay full, respectful honours to the indigenous service men and women. The local indigenous community leaders should be involved in it's placement and design.
    I love the idea of walking the distance between them every Anzac Day. A wonderful way to commemorate our culture - to walk in the shoes of our heroes.
    I wish your cause all the best of luck.
  • pearl over 2 years ago
    No wonder our rates are skyrocketing! Design artists, cultural advisers, yuppie contractors .... extravaganza.
    Monument is to the men who set off to fight in WW1, and given what I read about them they were NOT into glorious monstrous archways etc.
    It may be politically incorrect but why should Randwick rate payers pick up the tab for the monument? It should be a Federal project - in fact a joint Australia & NZ government monument.
    If at La Perouse then the French Govt may buy as well - after all most of the fighting and dying by the ANZACs was done on French soil liberating their country.
  • Joachim von Sobbe-Grimberg over 2 years ago
    Waste of time and money.How about a rail link to La Perouse
  • rayb085 over 2 years ago
    This looks like where the bus stop is....not a good spot. Overall, don't we have enough monuments?
  • tony over 2 years ago
    I think a more appropriate location for the monument would be in Cann Park where it would be more conspicuous as visitors park there and many others would pass there to go to Congwong Beach.
  • Joven over 2 years ago
    Whatever the final design, it should include recognition of indigenous soldier involvement. Cann park may be a higher visual position?
  • concerned Local over 2 years ago
    Stop wasting rate payers money and raising our rates this should be funded by the federal government it's not for the rate payers to be funding this.
    There are a lot more important things for council to be spending our money on to benefit the local community, not more tourists attractions or building another building to have a plack with your name on it.
    How about improving transport & health needs for the local community instead.
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    • keanes2v2v over 2 years ago
      Transport and health are not local government responsibilities - they look after parks, pools, garbage, etc
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      • concerned Local over 2 years ago
        Even though you are correct, there are still a lot of streets in randwick that don't have foot paths and many councils support communities services for the aged and disabled to get them to hospitals and medical treatment. They also support access for transport with disabled parking. Wasting money on statues helps no one.
  • BBB over 2 years ago
    We already acknowledge Anzac Day enough. Let the Daughters of Anzac fund this if they want to not the Council. Providing better services and a properly planned and sustainable Randwick council area should be your focus.
  • yvonnec over 2 years ago
    I only agree with 4. Restoration of Memorial Grove of Trees.
    I don't think the other monuments are the best way to commemorate the memory, and I'd rather the funds be used on active community programs focussing on people. If you do decide to build it, the indigenous community must be included in the discussion to guide the decision making process.
  • TJI over 2 years ago
    Similar Obelisk to one at Moore Park could be erected at La Perouse
  • JonathanH over 2 years ago
    I am sure the money could be better spent on something other than yet another anzac memorial. Maybe just plant some trees!
  • anonymous_survey_user_76 over 2 years ago
    I have to agree with some of these comments. Please, no more memorials. If anything, plant some significant trees. They are cheaper, more beautiful and useful than just another memorial. And they will go some way to compensating for the trees lost to the Eastern Suburbs Light Rail.
  • eetf over 2 years ago
    complete waste of rate payers money, money better spent on updating playgrounds and park facilities
  • Kay over 2 years ago
    I would like to see a a cluster of significant native trees planted with a small stone or plaque to explain the dedication to commemorate our fallen soldiers
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    • Anzac South over 2 years ago
      There are well over 100,000 native trees across the road in the National park. The charm of the La Peruse main space is its open ambience which sets it apart from all the dozens of treed parks in the LGA.
      The memorial should not only have a have a plaque but also a stark reminder of what war is and what the soldiers endured -such as a cannon. There used to be a WW1 Howitzer at the corner of Anzac Pde and Beauchamp Road which was an appropeiate reminder to all the motorist and daily commuters . Perhaps it can be found and placed at La Perouse.
  • SallyLEvans over 2 years ago
    I can understand why this initiative is important to people. However, It is time for the Council to prioritise the issues with which it wants to invest and create a stronger and more connected community. When I think about the future, I think about the importance of reconciling our indigenous history. I believe an Anzac memorial before we have reconciled and appropriately marked Randwick's indigenous heritage would be extremely disrespectful. Connecting 60,000 years of Aboriginal stewardship, with the institutions resulting from 200 years of colonial rule and our recent multi-cultural immigrant history creates a vibrant, strong and connected foundation from which our community can prosper. We have enough Anzac memorials and enough opportunities to recognise and value the WWI soldiers. We don't need any more.
  • suzygaal over 2 years ago
    Nice idea but whatever happens in the end, you should ensure it is not 'moved' to accommodate a future light rail or tram or heavy rail when NSW government finally decides to get more and better transport to La Perouse and area. We saw the obelisk removed and moved for the light rail defeating its original purpose.
  • keanes2v2v over 2 years ago
    I would like to see a duplicate (obelisk) of what is at Moore Park, but to honor our indigenous servicemen their names could be engraved on it's surface. By having 2 the same it would signify the start and end of Anzac Parade.
  • mdickens1 over 2 years ago
    Hi, Although I think it is important to honour and rember the ANZACs, I think the money would be better spent solving the current issues of the residents of Randwick. Maintenance of roads and foopaths, support for the elderly, disadvantaged and disabled, rangers to enforce parking and trees obstructing footpaths, etc. The company building the light rail should be paying for replacement trees om ANZAC Parade.
  • Coogeematt over 2 years ago
    In principal it's a good idea. But three points -
    - I am disappointed the obelisk was moved from centre of Anzac pde at Mooree Park. I was passing that memorial for 50 + years. It reminded me of my dad who served in PNG in WWII. Then it disappeared. You can't see it over in park when travelling on roadway. Part of its original design, along with the removed trees, was to be an Avenue headed by the oblisk. Now ruined. Restore this avenue to its original design before building the other.
    - again we are surveyed with a possible outcome sort by council. That is to build the new memorial. In its self it's a great idea. But without costing, without alternative spends presented, without a cost benefit. It seems like another biased approach. Like the miminium lot size survey and the worst of all the special rate increase survey. So biased. So weighted.
    - lastly I think a dedication to the indegineous community particularly that of LaPerouse is very commendable. Aboriginal society is the oldest and arguably the greatest on the planet. We can't do enough. But who am I to say what is good or wanted by the aboriginal community of Randwick City and wider. When it comes to indegineous issues you should be asking them. It's their say not mine (non indigenous ) say.
  • kel over 2 years ago
    Absolute waste of ratepayers hard earned money.
    What a joke, and Randwick council is asking rate payers for a rate increase.
    Perhaps if they had not wasted so much money on the likes of amalgamation against the wishes of the majority etc.
    And now the Mayor wants us to stomp up for an obelisk, anti-terrorism, under ground cabling etc. GIVE ME A BREAK
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    • GraemeHarrison over 2 years ago
      To be clear, the claim that allowing Randwick City Council to increase rates would lead to undergrounding of power lines in Randwick LGA was pure fantasy published by Council. The circa $20m sought was some billions shy of the cost of undergrounding power in the LGA. It was 'spin', designed to get approval for the continuation of extremely high salaries for those meant to manage rubbish, roads & rates. The RCC GM is paid well above the PM. The rubbish collection is contracted-out, the road maintenance is not that significant, and the rates are being increased well above CPI. We, the 50k residents simply don't need to be paying hundreds of thousands for each of the top-10 overpaid bureaucrats. Let them put such jobs out for tender, just like they do all other contracts, and the result is surely that many would contract to do those functions for far less. Local government remains committed to tenders for everything BUT bureaucrat jobs. And by this I mean to have respondents 'bid' what they would charge to do any of the jobs in council. Yes, councils advertise vacancies, but they never allow the market to determine salaries.
  • FierceDinosaur over 2 years ago
    Small monument = OK, no pollie names, memorial trees to encircle it, names of Aboriginal ANZACS, and move the one at Moore Park back to where it should be.
  • Anzac South over 2 years ago
    The memorial should be free from specific racial distinctions, otherwise to be unbiased the memorial would have to mention all the other background nationalities that composed the Anzacs
  • tracybradford over 2 years ago
    The claim that a second monument was planned / promised for La Perouse in 1917 is uncertain at best, and I believe it is based on a misinterpretation of historical sources. There are historical records which indicate that a municipal memorial was proposed for the small park at the intersection of Anzac Parade and Alison Road, called Toll Bar Reserve, not at La Perouse. Before committing to any memorial at La Perouse, Council needs to ensure the historical veracity of the claims made by the Daughters of Anzac in relation to this proposed monument.
  • Trish Morgan about 2 years ago
    I visited Broome last May and found they had a memorial to Indigenous Diggers. I suggest Randwick Council contact Broome Council for advice re this. The memorial was in a beautiful park on the edge of Roebuck Bay.
  • terrylustig about 2 years ago
    I think that it would be a good idea to try to incorporate three ideas, if possible. The first idea, to my mind, would be to acknowledge that ANZAC Parade is a road that is thousands of years old. It was noticed by James Cook and Joseph Banks when they came. The second idea tries to take account of the point that many have made here, that the funds should be directed to matters of more immediate interest to our community. To that end, could the monument be telling us of the place of La Perouse in Australia’s history, as can be seen in Council’s nearby museum? Is there some way that this monument could be linked to the museum, and indeed the La Perouse monument, in some way? The third idea is that we owe a lot to those who gave their lives for the sake of our community, but a community that has expanded to include people from all over the world, including Australia’s former enemies?