How can we improve the toilets and surrounds?

9 months ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded. Thank you to those who provided ideas for upgrading the toilet block and surrounds.

Consultation has concluded. You can read about the outcomes of the consultation in our Community Consultation Report

  • Albert8 9 months ago
    Create a more environmentally friendly design that appeals to the public (for example - use of wooden screen boarding designs). More vegetation around new proposed toilets for the 2 following reasons: Provide more shading and offer a more natural look to the streetscape (based on prior responses from the shops "pretty it up and native plantings please") and; Provide natural shade for public transport users waiting at the bus stop. Allows bikes to be parked to access toilets and go to the shops or library, the vegetation will allow for adequate shadowing to protect the bikes from the heat. Ensure safety and security measures are in place including (following 2): Motion light sensors at night (saves on energy being used constantly) and; Security cameras to ensure that the subject site is not being used for the wrong reasons and to protect the amenity of the proposed toilets. Internal Changes to be made such as new taps that run water effectively and are timed to be water efficient, new toilets and a new soap dispenser (if applicable).Would you also consider making the toilet more sustainable by implementing Water Sensitive Urban Design methods to utilise and recycle stormwater for the toilets?
  • Arsanious 9 months ago
    Also disable toilets
  • Arsanious 9 months ago
    Security cameras.Design reflect the community. Lights with sensors for movement.More visits to clean up through the day not just in the morning.Rubbish bins.Water flush automatically
  • Micubicoe 9 months ago
    For safety , Install security camera outside the area
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    • Arsanious 9 months ago
      Yes please
  • Jill Lew 9 months ago
    New toilets and water station
  • 123, 666 or 888 9 months ago
    What can be achieved with a budget of $700k?Casual feedback from the shops was generally: 'pretty it up and native plantings please.' This is sound.If structural work is being done, lift the roof to allow better cross breezes.Perhaps render and paint with mural like along Malabar PS wall?The former GM promised a notice board for the Precinct Committee and Council to communicate to the local community. Simple toilet facilities at the tidal pool would be good - or failing that well signposted access to facilities at the golf club who after their disgraceful unilateralism with the bottle recycling episode (even located at the other end of their carpark would be better) must 'owe' council and the community one.I cannot comment on disabled facilties/access.
  • Pearl32 10 months ago
    Soap dispenser and hand towel dispenser would be good. 1 stall to be suitable for mobility impaired ie outward opening door, railings beside toilet, appropriate sign on stall door.Disabled toilet to have MLAK key and privacy lock which indicates in use (as currently), as well as soap and handtowel dispenserBetter lighting
  • Cathy21 10 months ago
    Better lighting and a soap dispenser. Replace toilets and basins. Light coloured tiles on internal walls and floors. On this subject, I think Malabar tidal pool urgently needs a public toilet to be built there - perhaps something along the lines of that at Little Bay beach.
  • diz002 10 months ago
    Definitely replace all internal items such as toilets, basins, holders and include rubbish bins and soap holders but please leave the outer building as is. I have lived in Malabar for over 40 years and remember when they replaced the old old toilet block with this current one. It's now a fixture and not an eyesore on the outside. Maybe clean it up and make some minor improvements to the exterior.
  • cathy80 10 months ago
    Toilets need replacing and handbasin AND A RUBBISH BIN I use the facilities from time to time and they are not always clean and no rubbish disposal bin Surrounds garden nice