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Do you have any comments on the Alby Smith Reserve children's playground design?

over 6 years ago

We want this playground to serve the needs of the children of Coogee.

This consultation has concluded.

  • mrobyn over 6 years ago
    As a mother in the area, I welcome the proposed new plans. I would like further design detail provided in reference to point 5 'picnic seating under cover'. Additionally, whilst I welcome the integration of play equipment for slightly older children alongside that for younger children I feel there is a need for a flat grass area at the junction of these two areas. Many new mums gather during the week on picnic blankets across the Randwick/Coogee area to play with their babies and socialise. The ability to do this at a local pocket park in full view of toddlers/younger children in the enclosed playground area would be of significant benefit.
  • Drew over 6 years ago
    Great to see lots of fun things for kids to play on and keep active. Can I suggest something iconic to the area too, a Coogee Surf row boat to play in - great for imagination and we might get some more keen surf lifesavers later in life!
  • Richella over 6 years ago
    I love the new plans, but it'd be great if you could double the number of swings ( there would be 2 little kiddie swings and 2 older kiddie swings) as there is so often a queue, tantrums or tears over them.
  • andrea1 over 6 years ago
    I think the upgrade of the playground is a very good idea. At the moment it is only suitable for very young children. The new design will provide an interesting play environment for a wider age range of children. We need safe and more challenging play areas for children so this will be a very welcome addition to the neighbourhood. A great initiative!