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Do you have any comments on Council's draft capital works program?

over 8 years ago

The highlights of the Council's Capital works program are:

  • $8.3 million for a new community fitness centre and crèche at the Des Renford Leisure Centre.
  • $650,000 to upgrade five childcare centres
  • more than $3 million to resheet more than five kilometres of local roads
  • $1.7 million to repair and upgrade almost seven kilometres of footpaths ty
  • $320,000 to lay new street pavers on Belmore Road, Randwick
  • $280,000 for playground upgrades in Coogee and Kensington and
  • $465,000 to repair and improve Duke Street in Kensington to make it safer and smoother for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.
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This consultation has concluded.

  • InfrastructureBeforeTowers about 8 years ago
    What is going on at RCC? They put out papers saying that the extra rates levy would raise at least $34.8m over 7 years and then provided a detailed list of how it would be spent. That list DID NOT SAY 25% would be spent one project that would compete against local businesses - putting people out of jobs.
    The RCC papers said a total of $4.9m would be spent on 13 projects in 2012/13 - not $8.3m on one project - how can they get it so wrong? Who made the mistake?
    Then once it has been forced through RCC officers make enormous changes? How do they get away with it?
    In the RCC Media Release and accompanying papers listing every project to be covered - it listed Des Renford Indoor Multi-Purpose Fitness Facility Total Project Cost $2.7m
    Now we find it is to cost (latest guess shown at top of this page) $8.3m.
    Yes that's right, EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS from $2.7m
    Residents' have been misled. Who is responsible?
    What is worse it seems not one Councillor questioned what is going on. Were Councillors told by the General Manager of this cost blow out? If he did not draw it to their attention, after all a miss by nearly $6m is a big miss in anyone's language - WHY DID HE NOT?
    Residents were never told.
    What confidence can we have in the General Manager and senior staff with changes like this. What is the next shock for residents to uncover?
    Would residents (or Councillors) have approved of the higher rates (growing higher every year for 7 years) to pay for this trophy building exercise? I think not.
    Who is really making the decisions at Randwick City Council? We deserve to hear the facts not be given rubbery numbers.
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  • Admin Commented Randwick Administrator about 8 years ago
    Council’s Buildings for our Community program will fund a suite of upgrades and improvements to community facilities and buildings across our City. These buildings and facilities were identified by residents as important community priorities.

    The upgrade to the Des Renford Aquatic Centre will be funded from a number of sources including $2.7M from the Buildings for our Community program; the remaining funds required have been sourced from Section 94 contributions and general revenue.

    Residents have been closely involved in the extensive consultation process for the planned upgraded to DRAC. Consultation included public exhibition; drop in community meetings; and opportunities for input into the design process.

    Council is and has always been committed to providing residents with a range of recreational facilities and opportunities; when the upgrade at DRAC is complete, it will widely benefit residents of our City.

    The fact that Des Renford Aquatic Centre will generate an income stream reflects Council’s vision of long-term sustainability. It’s a positive thing for the community that Council assets can operate in a way that doesn’t cost ratepayers money.

    Coogee, Maroubra and Clovelly beaches are all beach raked daily, and staff also walk the beaches to pick up debris daily.

    Coogee Beach toilets - at Goldstein Reserve and Grant Reserve - are cleaned a minimum of three times per day, and are inspected every few hours (more in summer)

    There is a two – three week street cleaning program in residential areas (subject to access)

    Town and commercial centres are cleaned daily by mechanical footpath and road sweepers.

    There is a quarterly program of manual street cleaning in residential streets. If residents wish to request a manual street clean, they can call Council’s Call Centre on 1300 722 542 and lodge a service request.

    Randwick City Council
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  • InfrastructureBeforeTowers about 8 years ago
    Unfortunately "Administrator" your answer does not match the documents put out by RCC that I have in front of me - these provide a very different picture. (Pg 2 Proposed 7 Year Building Program)

    The Papers put out by RCC covering all projects were supposed to detail each project's total cost and where the funds to pay for it came from in total. For the Des Renford Centre it states quite clearly - TOTAL Project cost $2.7m sourced from $2.7m Building Levy, $0 from Grants, $0 from sn94 and $0 from RCC Reserves. Now you tell us that the extra nearly $6m has been pulled from sn94 funds - that is nearly $6m more than it was supposed to cost. Who got it wrong?

    So my earlier comment holds true. The published total project cost shown to residents was $2.7m from ALL sources not just the building levy and now it has blown out to $8.3m - where is the explanation why the cost was so wrong and who is responsible for this nearly $6m blow out in costs?

    This is not what residents were shown in the glossy brochures nor was it shown on the display at the Des Renford Centre. All we want is correct soundly based information from RCC not wildly inaccurate figures, why did the costs blow out? Figures from the ABS show construction costs have fallen in 2011 not increased in NSW.

    What caused the difference or was the initial figure publicised not based on credible specifications?

    Either way we have been misinformed. Were Councillors alerted to this nearly $6m difference from what residents were originally told in mid to late 2010? I cannot find any evidence explaining this on the RCC web site.
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  • what about 8 years ago
    How does Council TRACK the implementation of works?

    In the 2010-11 budget (the one before the current year, 2011-12) Council scheduled road resurfacing in Alison Road:
    1. Alison Road - Carrington Road to St Marks Road, Randwick
    2. Alison Road - Mount Street to Brook Street, Randwick

    Number 1 - Alison Road between Carrington & St Marks Rd was finally done (late) in the second half of 2011, but number 2, Alison Rd between Mount & Brook Street still hasn't been done, more than a year later.

    Why? Where has the money gone?
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    • Admin Commented Randwick Administrator about 8 years ago
      Alison Road between Mount Street and Brook Street was resurfaced on 18 November 2010.
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      • what about 8 years ago
        Thank you, for the information. Could I request that Alison Road Coogee, between Carrington Road and Mount Street be resurfaced. This area of Alison Road being between the resurfacing works previously done by Council.
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  • Basketball_Fan about 8 years ago
    I would like to see some budget put aside in the construction of Basketball courts within the COuncil's vicinity, preferrably maroubra(heffron park) and/or Kensington. It is surprising to me that with the rise of the sport and its followers/fans/supporters/players, little attention has been given to this admirable community sport. Being a university student and member of the basketball society, as well as an active participant in the nsw basketball association competitions held within Alexandria's Basketball stadium, i am a first hand witness to the frustration of young people who are looking for a local and decent court to play here in the Randwick area. The only decent ones that you can access for free will require you to trek it all the way up moore park. Even if people were willing to pay, i know for a fact that UNSW's basketball courts are next to being fully booked, as well as PCYC and alexandria''s basketball courts (which isnt even part of Randwick) EVERY week. You see so many netball courts being unused around the area during most days of the week. Ever considered converting some into basketball courts maybe? You might be surprised of the turn out. Randwick is the destination to hundreds if not thousands of backpackers and students, mostly of Asian and North American origin. Basketball is the main sport for these demographic, but thats not to say australians are uninterested. Infact, Alot of schools around the area, such as marcellin college, marist pagewood, and randwick boys all have basketball teams, and promising young australian players. But where do they go outside and after school? On behalf of UNSW's basketball society and being a member/player under the NSW basketball association as well as being a former student in Marcellin College Randwick, I kindly ask that a plan and project be considered in adding basketball courts around the area, on top of further refurbishments to recreational projects. It would be a great asset and investment for the community.

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  • what about 8 years ago
    There is centre parking in Anzac Parade (north of Boyce Road) for the Maroubra Junction commercial centre. At the moment for cars travelling south on Anzac Parade, you have to drive almost to Boyce Road to access this centre carpark, which is not very convennient if you want to go to Bowen Library.

    Could another entrance into this carpark be provided for south bound cars on Anzac Parade?
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  • Jon about 8 years ago
    The big tticket items are detailed, but without having detail of the smaller items, this suggestion may be 'out-of-order.

    Anyway, I see $300K spent on pavers for Randwick shopping centre. That's good, but as a frequent walker between here and Coogee, I know of the difficulty that bad drivers cause. In particular at cnr of Arthur Street & Belmore Rd and Short St and Belmore Road and also Avoca Street. Because these side streets off Belmore Rd have not have the same treatment as say Clara & Silver Streets, it's very easy for those in cars to use the intersections of Arthur & Short with Belmore Road to make U-turns, which is very dangerous for people on foot like me. Could something be done about these intersections as part of the pavers being put down?

    Since I'm here - walking along Milford & Coogee Streets (between Coogee & Randwick) involves crossing Judge St. But there are large traffic barriers along the footpath in Judge Street, right where you need to cross from (or to) Milford St - along side the west boundary of 1 Coogee Street. Therefore you have to walk on the roadway to get past this traffic barrier.

    One final request, could you put ramps in Prince Street Randwick, part between King St and Cowper Street. the cross streets are Burton st and two laneways.
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  • Jon about 8 years ago
    Sorry - I meant corner of WARRATAH St and Belmore Rd in my earlier comments (not Arthur St).
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