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Do you have any comments on the draft 2012-13 Budget?

over 8 years ago

A summary of how Council spends its Budget is in the FAQs  The full details are in the Budget papers in library on this site.

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This consultation has concluded.

  • InfrastructureBeforeTowers about 8 years ago
    If RCC staff get any other single item in the budget as wrong as they got the cost for the Des Renford Indoor Multi Fitness Centre then we are in serious trouble.
    When it was being put forward to residents as part of the reasons for the "Community Building Levy" the experts at RCC said it would cost $2.7m and be FULLY PAID FOR out of the $34.8m to be raised over 7 years and make profits without being subsidised by ratepayers. Sounds like a magic pudding doesn't it. Well it's cost has grown like one.
    Got that wrong somewhat - in this draft budget it is now going to cost $8.3m - who knows what the final figure will be. But a jump in cost of nearly $6m on one project makes you wonder what is going on. How could they be so wrong in such a short time. It is now going to cost nearly a quarter of the money raised over 7 years.
    Previously the amount to be spent from the "Levy" for 2012/13 was shown as $4.7m over 13 projects. No explanation for that significant change. Why doesn't accuracy seem to matter at RCC with ratepayers' money? After all this bears no resemblance to what residents were told and I cannot find any explanation saying why the project has exploded in cost.
    Surely it should be reconsidered or at least a detailed business case put out so residents can see how it is going to pay its way. Randwick does not need its own version of the BER fiasco.
    At a 7% return on $8.3m (not a high rate to earn on ratepayers money) the new building would need to make a profit after all costs of $581,000 a year. Are there many gyms in Randwick making net profits of $11,000+ every week? No, not one.
    Where is the detailed business case? This sure is not the NBN.
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  • G Consta about 8 years ago
    My comments are as follows with regard to the Council's draft budget paper:
    1. The employee expenses for Des Renford aquatic centre and Library appear to be very high. It is recommended that someone review these costs and compare with other councils in the area.
    2 Suburb markers are a waste of money. Please consider not adding any more in the Council area. They simply provide more surface area for graffiti vandals. Better to spend the money on better street signage.
    3. Native tree planting budget: There should be no native trees planted in the foreshore and coastal areas of Randwick. These grow to massive proportions and are not maintained regularly. There should be only shrubs planted to avoid the expensive maintenance and the problems that arise( such as obscuring of views, shedding leaves and consequent plumbing problems), shadowing etc.
    4. Budget for Rangers should be maximised as they are necessary to be called upon and catch perpetrators e.g dogs swimming in public areas.

    Overall comment: Council should put a cap on residential rates. It seems illogical that rates are calculated on the value of a property. Why would a property worth more (as per Dept of Lands valuation) necessarily have to pay more for the same Council services that all properties receive no matter what they are valued at? This is ludicrous. Council should collect revenue in other ways that are more equitable and reflect the value of the service that is provided to supplement its revenue needs. As Randwick Council is debt free there should be consideration to stalling rate increases for a few years and perhaps borrow if needed.
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  • Basketball_Fan about 8 years ago
    I would like to see some budget put aside in the construction of Basketball courts within the COuncil's vicinity, preferrably maroubra(heffron park) and/or Kensington. It is surprising to me that with the rise of the sport and its followers/fans/supporters/players, little attention has been given to this admirable community sport. Being a university student and member of the basketball society, as well as an active participant in the nsw basketball association competitions held within Alexandria's Basketball stadium, i am a first hand witness to the frustration of young people who are looking for a local and decent court to play here in the Randwick area. The only decent ones that you can access for free will require you to trek it all the way up moore park. Even if people were willing to pay, i know for a fact that UNSW's basketball courts are next to being fully booked, as well as PCYC and alexandria''s basketball courts (which isnt even part of Randwick) EVERY week. You see so many netball courts being unused around the area during most days of the week. Ever considered converting some into basketball courts maybe? You might be surprised of the turn out. Randwick is the destination to hundreds if not thousands of backpackers and students, mostly of Asian and North American origin. Basketball is the main sport for these demographic, but thats not to say australians are uninterested. Infact, Alot of schools around the area, such as marcellin college, marist pagewood, and randwick boys all have basketball teams, and promising young australian players. But where do they go outside and after school? On behalf of UNSW's basketball society and being a member/player under the NSW basketball association as well as being a former student in Marcellin College Randwick, I kindly ask that a plan and project be considered in adding basketball courts around the area, on top of further refurbishments to recreational projects. It would be a great asset and investment for the community.

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