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over 5 years ago
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Council intends spending $10.62 million on Randwick's roads and footpaths in the next financial year. These are listed in the schedule of works, starting on page 27 of the budget document. Do you have any comments, changes or additions you would like made to this list?

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Consultation has concluded

  • CL about 6 years ago
    Can we have footpaths in Arthur Lane between Silver and Arthur Streets in Randwick ?. Exiting the Council carpark facing Silver Street on foot is really difficult, cars fly along Arthur Lane There is plenty of room on Arthur Lane frontage of the carpark for a full width footpath to link up to Silver Street, only some scrappy shrubs here.

    The rest of the lane (from carpark to Arthur St) is more difficult as it's a very narrow space between buildings and gutter. But at least if this space could be concreted / asphalted like the other part of Arthur Lane has (between Arthur and Clara Street), it would save having to walk on dirt.
  • ali about 6 years ago
    Hi!! I'm really happy that something is being done about upgrading footpaths around our community. I notice that the stretch of footpath between Middle St and Meeks St on Anzac Parade is difficult to walk on. It inclines rather steeply from the shop doors to the kerb. Could something be done about that?

    I am also concerned about the intersection at High St and Botany St. It is a very busy intersection with a university and hospital close by. There are no right turn green arrows. This can be quite dangerous when drivers try to get through the lights before they change to red. It is a danger for oncoming traffic and pedestrians. Could green arrows be installed?

    Thanks for giving us a chance to have our say!!
  • Von about 6 years ago

    I am glad to see some budget set aside for Beauchamp Rd - the road surface at the intersection at Anzac Parade is getting quite broken with holes forming.

    I was wondering if some provision for signage regarding the cycleways could be added. I notice a number of cyclists use Anzac Parade rather than the cycleway available on Banks Ave / Houston Rd perhaps because they are unaware of the cycleways. (Despite living in this area for a number of years, I was unaware of them until someone told me about them in a passing conversation). Perhaps some signage from Centennial Park / Doncaster Ave pointing towards Maroubra?

    Directing cyclists onto this route would also require some sort of cycleway / designated route joining Banks Ave and Maroubra Junction. I generally take the back streets South of Maroubra Rd as Maroubra Rd can be quite hairy but it would be nice to have a designated route from all the way from Maroubra to Kensington / Centennial Park.

    Thank you for reading my comment. I am extremely grateful that there are cycleways provided in this area so I can avoid cycling along Anzac Parade on my way to work each day.

  • bundockwetlands about 6 years ago
    I have a question regarding the cycle lane on Malabar Rd heading towards the roundabout at the top of Arden Street. As a cyclist I often use this, and it keeps me out of the way of the cars. However over the last several months I have found that this cycle lane is now regularly blocked by cars parked so as to advertise themselves for sale, or by boats. A cyclist now has to pull out into the main stream of traffic when cycling on this stretch of road. Would it be possible to enact measures to encourage the safe use of this cycling route again?


  • Vette about 6 years ago
    Thank you for footpaths in Knowles Ave.
    Was wondering about Roadworks on Menin Road... During these works, can the dip in Menin Road at Poziers intersection be leveled out? It confuses drivers at Stop sign when the other traffic slows for the dip. Do both directions of traffic need to slow/stop?
  • Paul Abela over 6 years ago
    Hello. Could you please tell me if you have any plans to improve the intersection of Botany and Bunnerong Roads. This afternoon we had a near miss at this intersection that could have killed my whole family on mothers day. Not a nice thought! I know that a lady was killed hear not long ago, and I have had a near miss myself about 12 months ago with a semi trailer doing a u turn in wet conditions. I use this intersection every day and have seen numerious accidents here and even just last week saw a motorcycle rider with his arm covered in blood sitting on the grass next to his smashed bike. I'm no roads and traffic engineer but its easy to see that something needs to be done hear and quick. Please do something, even just for the interm before any major works before someone else is hurt or killed.
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    • Admin Commented Randwick Administrator over 6 years ago
      Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your query and suggestions regarding the intersection of Botany Road and Bunnerong Road, Matraville. Randwick City Council is also strongly concerned about road safety at this intersection. However, both these roads are State roads and are controlled by the State Government through Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). We have sent your concerns and detailed suggestions the Council's RMS representative so that what you report and your ideas can be investigated by RMS.
  • Paul Abela over 6 years ago
    Here are three quick ideas that perhaps you could consider for the intersection of Botany and Bunnerong Road.
    1) Move the stop sign that is used when turning right onto Bunnerong Road from Botany Road to line up with the lane of traffic traveling north along Bunnerong Road. This will shorten the distance required to travel to merge into Bunnerong road and therefore reducing the chance of a error of judgment which is a major factor when cars travelling north along Bunnerong Road are doing a little more that 60km/h.
    2) Introduce a waiting lane when turning right onto Bunnerong Road from Botany Road. There is plenty of existing space for this. This way you can cross one lane of traffic at a time.
    3) Lay down larger road markers or cones for cars travelling north along Bunnerong Road and veering left onto Botany road. This will help cars waiting to turn right onto Bunnerong Road from Botany Road identify where these cars intend to go, helping them judge if they can pull away from the stop sign or not.
    These ideas if they are workable would surely not cost millions to implement.
  • pcolley over 6 years ago
    What happened to the repair/upgrade of Duke St Kensington? I though I saw the commitment in a previous budget or plan but there is nothing in this one. The street has a badly degraded surface; if its gets much worse one will need a high clearance vehicle to use it!