Coogee works for next year

over 5 years ago
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Council plans to spend considerable funds in Coogee next year to upgrade Coogee Bay Road, underground powerlines and build new toilets and changerooms at the beach. What do you think of these plans?

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Consultation has concluded

  • CS about 6 years ago
    Please spend the money on keeping the coogee beach sea water clean. No sending sewage out of the northern drain.
  • christinapossum about 6 years ago
    I would prefer to see the funds spent on cleaning up local swimming water:
    - on the north end of Coogee and erecting a barricade between the drain and the beach to prevent people from letting toddlers swim there
    - the drain at south Maroubra which again affects young children and babies
    - Mahon pool
    - Little Bay which should be dog-free but usually has several people with dogs on any given weekend
  • Sof about 6 years ago
    I think the council should spend money on getting/keeping the water we swim in clean. We are the only Sydney beach that has the highest frequency of being polluted and unsafe to swim in because of storm water run off(?) whenever we check on Beachwatch, and this is many days after rain. I say clean up the beach water. Toilets are more than fine, they just need MORE FREQUENT CLEANING please. And whoever designed the showers in the ladies, and whoever in Council who approved the design should be shot, anytime anyone has a shower the whole side, showers AND toilets AND outer floor get flooded. How hard can it be ?!?
  • Jimmy about 6 years ago
    I also love the idea of burying power lines, this project should be expanded if possible. However $4.5m on toilets & showers seems wasteful, I think that they need freshening up, but not for this much!
  • coogeeryder about 6 years ago
    I love the idea of burying the powerlines - i also would be in favour of paving coogee bay road from brook st to arden street to encourage weekend markets and a safe area for people to shop and cross the road. I am forever seeing cars run red lights at the brook st and coogee bay road intersection.
  • concerned Local over 6 years ago
    Council is spending a fortune on infrastructure that is used mostly by people from out of the area while our rates just keep going up. $4.5M for toilets and change rooms seems extravagant when many streets in our area don't have footpaths, theres a lack of affordable parking and only 2 street disable parking spaces and around the hospital. Council seems to have its priorities all wrong spending very little for people who live in randwick and a lot for those who just visit from outer suburbs to use it's facilities. Perhaps instead of building more and better recreational facilities at rate payers expense they should be made user pays particularly for non-residents of randwick and stop raising our rates.
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    • brookeb22 over 6 years ago
      My flatmate and I think the toilets in Coogee are totally fine as they are now. They are very comparable to any other beach in Sydney. Spending all this money is such a waste. Lower rates if you've got money to blow, because its better to not collect it than to blow it on stupid things like new toilets or that lifesaver memorial. What a waste of money! Save up the money and extend the light rail down to Coogee in coming years. Removing all those noisy buses would do a lot for it. Or please provide some more buses home from the city during the week. The buses are PACKED every night around 8 to 9 pm.....and even later. It shouldn't be like peak hour so late at night.
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      • concerned Local over 6 years ago
        I totally agree with your comments. Public transport in Randwick is dreadful and in the past 4 years the roads have been taken away from motorists and busses buy lane reductions, traffic diversions, bike lanes and now a limited stretch of light rail is about to choke Anzac pde.
        With Southern Cross drive a car park for most of the day and if there is a break down or accident then it can take over an hour to get from Surry hills to Maroubra. If you are going to block Anzac pde then extend the light rail to East Gardens where the thousands of units being built in the area between East Gardens and Malabar will be able to get to some transport to the city without jamming up the whole of Randwick with traffic. We don’t need statues, more professional sports fields that cost a fortune to maintain for very few that use them, and they should be user pays or $4.5m toilets. These are monuments to councilors so they can erect plarks saying that they accomplished something for the community because they can’t erect plarks on what the community really needs. We need infrastructure that will make life easier for all residents to live and move in, out and around our suburb. Don’t throw our money down the toilet lower our rates and stop packing units in to the area with no additional transport. Fix our foot paths, the pot holes in our roads and restore or build parking spaces around medical and shopping areas.
  • brookeb22 over 6 years ago
    We think the powerlines burying is a great idea. Maybe you could spend something on having a cheap fruit & veg stall in the park by the beach? Or what would be great is to promote reuse. Since so many apt dwellers can't have garage sales, council could provide a kind of marketplace with tables where people can bring their stuff to sell. A public space to sell your stuff, and anything not sold can be picked up by a charity all in one spot. Pay $5 for a table or something and sell your stuff from 9-12pm on Saturdays.
  • jenni over 6 years ago
    With the ever increasing and disappointing acts of theft on our beaches, have you considered installing lockers accessible by the general public for daily hire whilst at the beach? Only need to be small post office size to place phones, wallets and keys.