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over 5 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

Do you have any comments on what we are planning to do in your suburb over the next twelve months?

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Consultation has concluded

  • GooseyLucyLoo over 6 years ago
    Cowper Street is long overdue for pedestrian friendly works to make this a safer street. The intersection of Cook and Cowper is particularly dangerous and I regularly observe vehicle accidents at this intersection. The upcoming pedestrian island works proposed for this street are welcomed by residents of the area acutely aware of the dangers in crossing the road here, but unfortunately do not include a raised pedestrian crossing so will do nothing to slow cars down who speed down the hill toward Allison Rd!
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    • CL about 6 years ago
      And still in Cowper Street, the intersection just west, Cowper & Church is also difficult. Cars in Church wait so long to cross Cowper, they shoot across this intersection very fast. Church Street is very wide so it makes it so hard to cross, and school kids walking along Cowper Street to Randwick PS are very exposed at this intersection.
  • chan about 6 years ago
    The Anzac pde cnr of Buchamp rd at Matraville has long been neglected.
    Many drivers drive dangerously to avoid the bumps on the road especially for southbound.
    We like to see more sensible budget allocation to Matraville area as you know well there are considerable number of rate payers live. We also like to see big trees in Pioneer Park to have shades in hot summer or basketball or tennis court so that children can play after school. Thanks
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    • SUZZIE about 6 years ago
      nice to see Chan also thinks more money is needed for Matraville
  • SUZZIE about 6 years ago
    what about the footpaths in Franklin Street? I had a nasty fall walking along the path last year! It seems that the coastal suburbs always get more money and Matraville is usually at the bottom of the list.
  • kelrobu about 6 years ago
    Do not see any funds being made available to convert the Kensington Bowling Club to a community centre as residents have been promised by Council. Could it be the funds are being re allocated and beiing made available for the ripping up of the median strips to provide for extra parking and the building of car parks, which council apparently intends to invest $68 million of ratepayers money?
  • alexafrich about 6 years ago
    It is very good to see that footpath renovations are due to be carried out in Todman Avenue. The footpaths and kerbs are of poor quality and obviously have not been renovated for some time. I have seen pedestrians trip and almost fall whilst stepping off the kerb in this street. Will the works be carried out on the entire length of Todman Avenue? If not, please advise which section. What is the approximate timing for their completion?
  • MoverlyRes over 6 years ago
    I strongly support the proposed budget. It is prudent and allocates resources w\fairly between wards.
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    • kelrobu about 6 years ago
      IT IS NOT THE WAY I SEE IT $68 million of ratepayers money over 5 years to accommodate the introduction of light rail, I do not agree that the ratepayers should have to contribute. It should be the responsibility of the NSW state government to PAY for all of costs associated with light rail.
  • RP over 6 years ago
    Anzac Parade, Kingsford needs a visual renovation leading up to the Roundabout. The variation of the awnings over shops is an eyesore. Heights are not level with each other. Colours are like a dog's disgorged breakfast...anything. Unification is required to make the area appealing. Even if this is done over time through replacement or repainting to a standard colour scheme, it would be a start. Of course, this would be for private owners to do. But surely coulcil could set mutually agreeable guidelines for future upgrades.
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    • kelrobu over 6 years ago
      No problem the overhead wires for the light rail will even up the eyesore
  • jenn over 6 years ago
    The draft fees and charges have no comparison to the previous year. Therefore, the public are unable to appropriately determine whether the cost of these upgrades outweighs the benefits.
    Overall, spending seems far to high and will ultimately make Randwick council a far more expensive place to live. As a result, local residents may find that they are unable to afford to live in the area.
  • angiegoddess over 6 years ago
    Finally, hooray!....Residents have something pleasant to look forward to...great to see that Ascot Street, Kensington is on the agenda for the road upgrade Would also like to see the garden beds & shrubs along Anzac Parade & Ascot Street maintained please, instead of looking like ashtrays.