Your Coastal Walkway

over 5 years ago
CLOSED: Thank you to everyone who took part. This discussion has concluded.

Which are your favourite sections of the Coastal Walkway? Is there anything you would like changed or improved? Do you have a story about the Coastal Walkway you'd like to share with others?

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This Randwick chat has now closed. Thank you to everyone who took part and  commented on the Coastal Walkway and sent us their pictures.. We will be starting a new Randwick Chat topic soon.

  • Tone.E. almost 6 years ago
    Had a walk from Honeycombes to Beach Palace and back today. Couldn't ask for a better place to get my exercise in.It has to be the best view anywhere and people seem to be taking more care of the doggy do probs. Only two drops,which had already been stepped in and spread along the pathway.Great spot.
  • JAB75 almost 6 years ago
    My Favourite parts of the coastal track are the elevated tracks from the Clovelly Bowls club to the Hill down into Bronte - stunning views. The proposed extension to La Perouse would be incredible and give Sydney a coastal walk that would be unrivalled anywhere.
  • mcg210 almost 6 years ago
    The boardwalk over the wetlands south of Coogee is a special spot. Alas irresponsible dog owners allow their animals to splash through this sensitive, fragile ecosystem. I guess it looks like a swamp to them - but it is a very rich and quite unique little sub-environment with its own set of inter-related species concentrated in a small area. Please leash your dogs in this area as required by law.
  • Kezza almost 6 years ago
    I love all the walk, although some times the path a bit narrow.

    Is there a plan to join South Coogee to Maroubra? The enjoyment ceases when you have to trudge up the road then around and back down.
  • RP almost 6 years ago
    For decades, the Bronte Beach to Bondi trek has been my route. I have not searched for the Coogee section yet even though I live almost in a straight line to the beach. I do the beach parts of the walk along the surf's edge including the rocks around to Mackenzies Beach.
  • Robert S almost 6 years ago
    Let’s get the Rangers down to the Honeycombe Bay stretch to enforce the Dog Leash and Removal of Dog Poo Laws. On this part of the path you can’t walk 20 metres without stepping in Dog Poo. Only yesterday in the Wetlands area, I witnessed a Labrador dog chase a mother duck and six ducklings through the swamp and over the cliff edge. The ducklings landed in the surf and were smashed into the cliff. The mother duck managed to fly but was very distressed while trying to unsuccessfully rescue her brood. The Dog owner was talking on her mobile and was oblivious of the tragedy.
  • gadfly almost 6 years ago
    The coastal walkway is really spoiled by irresponsible dog owners in sections under Randwick Council's responsibility such as Gordon's Bay and Honeycombe Bay. Whist there are many, many responsible dog owners, in 10 years of living in Coogee, i have never seen a Council ranger deal with dogs not on a leash or defaecating (and owner not cleaning up) in these areas. Where are the rangers? Enforcement and fines is really the only way to get through to these people.
  • fatburger almost 6 years ago
    A couple of us tried the coastal walk from Coogee to Maroubra. The path just seemed to end at some houses. At the top of the road we were near a petrol garage opposite Liquorland on Maroubra road. We couldn't find any signs, I'm sure this can't be right. Where did we go wrong? Apart from that the first part of the walk was lovely.
  • NomadicMel almost 6 years ago
    Living near Maroubra means it is hard to very far north without hitting the road and hard to go very far south without arriving at the Malabar Headland fence. Surely there is a safe way to allow walkers to continue from South Maroubra through to Malabar?
  • ross almost 6 years ago
    Please let the people enjoy our headland, (Before someone is shot!)
    the decision makers have to help locals (and visitors) enjoy BBQ's Picnics, Bicycle, walking, whale watching, kite flying
    Please return the headland to it's right full owners, so the silent majority can enjoy it.
  • boh_3 over 5 years ago
    The wetland in South Coogee is definitely the best spot, perfect as it is now, please don't touch it!!! :)

    You should really make a link between South Coogee and Maroubra, it's really bad that you must go on the road...