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What do you like about the Coogee Beach building?

over 6 years ago

This consultation has concluded.

  • kimhal over 6 years ago
    This is really toilets for the bus shelter rather than for the beach. It is too far from the beach, especially from the northern or southern ends, to really be accessible. There should be a set of toilets and showers below promenade level as there was in past years. There also needs to be regular cleaning of these toilets. They are far from pleasant. To be used only in emergencies.
    • habitata over 6 years ago
      The smell of the toilets wafts a long way from the building. Very off-putting. It is possible to do much better. Putting toilets and showers below promenade level is a great idea, but an expensive option that presents its own light and ventilation issues... however nothing that a good architect couldn't solve!