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Which part of the Coogee Beach building would you use more if it were improved or upgraded?

over 6 years ago

Consider toilets, showers, change rooms, kiosk, cafe and bus shelter.

This consultation has concluded.

  • tamanhehas over 6 years ago
    It is great that the council is going to redesign this building! I don't think it was ever any good. Why have a building that you have to continually paint regularly? By using concrete or brick you negate that straight away. Have a high roof with glass louvers in the toilets and change room for natural light and ventilation. Use timber and stainless steel and build it with quality that will last. Also,by using a decent architect, you will get a great design that will achieve all this. How much has the council wasted in painting this building over the years?The cafe should be on the beach side away from the traffic. I have never been to this cafe...It never seemed appealing. Good luck...
    • habitata over 6 years ago
      Orienting the cafe to the east makes a lot of sense. Create a 'defensible space' (ie a space with a back) and a view to the sea and the sky. Turn it away from the buses and traffic. Add some more bicycle parking.And yes, use a good architect - but Randwick Council has a commitment to good urban design, so I'm sure you will do that.