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Have you started using your kitchen caddy yet?

about 6 years ago

We've started delivering caddies - if you haven't received yours yet give us a call on 1300 722 542.

If you've received yours you can start using it immediately.

Tell us what you think about your caddy. For example, is it easy to use? Do you notice any difference in the amount of rubbish in your household rubbish bin? 

Notice for trial participants - There has been a small delay in getting the food waste stickers onto some of the building's bins. We have now rectified this problem, so most buildings will now have between two to four red lid bins where you can put your food waste. If you have more than one bin bay, there should be at least one bin with a sticker. Call us if you have any questions about this.

Consultation has concluded.

  • jenny14/96 about 5 years ago
    Hi. I've only just checked my mailbox and received Info about the food scraps bibs and I LOVE the idea. I've filled in my survey online but I'm not sure when I will get a bin delivered?? On the online form it asked me for a 5 digit ID. Is this linked to my address?? I look forward to hearing from you and receiving a bin soon.
  • LeanneC about 6 years ago
    Actually didn't realise how much food scraps we had until I started using it. It is easy to use and more convenient when doing the veges. Instead of walking over to the bin to empty the peelings I just throw them in the caddy on the bench in front of me. Great idea, hope it ends up being permanant
  • greentheens about 6 years ago
    The kitchen caddy is nice and compact and we've already started putting all of our food scraps in...amazing to see how much of our rubbish is organic food material...we'd be happy to see that being put back into the earth rather than a landfill! We love the composting proposal for Randwick and we'll definitely do our part to help! Hope the composting scheme becomes a city-wide success. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  • coogeecoochie about 6 years ago
    I used to put my wrapped up scraps in the freezer overnight and dump them next morning. Now I've been saving up the food scraps in a separate bag in my freezer until I have enough to fill up a compostable bag. I'd rather not be putting scraps in a closed caddy overnight especially in hot weather. But I don't generate food scraps much with my fresh food cooking. I'm unhappy that I can't use plastic (or paper?) food bags from the greengrocers. The requirement to use only compostable plastic bags is going to be a deterrant to the trial due to distribution, availability and procurement. Great idea for this collection idea! But so far I have not seen much in the designated bin from 28 units since the caddys were delivered 4-6 days ago. I will watch the bin level.
  • Komkom about 6 years ago
    I love the idea! The rubbish amount going into the usual waste bin drops significantly. One problem is the bags are too thin and easy to break if I put too much scraps in it.
  • HannahG about 6 years ago
    Great idea - happy to participate. Easy to use the caddy while cooking. I agree that the bags are quite thin and find its best to change it about every 2-3 days otherwise they seem to start breaking down and split. I've had a few problems locating the bins for our building. Initially there were 2 for 45 units and they were put right up the back of our bin room which is hard to get to and unappealing as its dark with no lights. Disappointing to see people had thrown their usual rubbish in the 2 designated bins. Today I went to put another green bag in the designated bins and now they are gone. So was forced to throw the bag in the normal red-lidded bins. I'm not one for keeping fermenting food scraps in the fridge. As I said, great idea and looking forward to the improvements when system is operating well.
  • salcarter about 6 years ago
    Great work Randwick! Love that we are trialling this and really hope that this becomes a standard waste program. I have read through most comments and note the theme of how we can promote the program better and how we can increase education in our community to be conscious about waste disposal, the options available and how we can reduce our landfill and increase sustainable living. One of the ways I believe you can promote this longer term and get community buy-in is to provide incentives. Education is one thing but saying to someone I have a way to save you money (for example reducted yearly council rates or a rebate scheme that both home owners and renters can access) will generally get more attention. There is a portion of the community like us who are actively participating in the trial who will welcome the program and use it, however how do you get those involved that aren't open to education or are time poor and may think they can't fit an additional type of waste removal into their day. I think a cost saving incentive is an appealing why to get the broader community attention. If the cost of foodscrap waste disposal is less than regular waste landfill, than this saving could be shared through an incentive scheme to get people interested and hopefully instill a habit that can be longlasting.
  • CRQ about 6 years ago
    I'm loving this trial. I grew up with composting so throwing food scraps into normal waste bins has always been a challenge over these past 15 years of city apartment living. I would prefer not to use any bags. When I was a child bin liners didn't exist, we hosed out our bins. In fact for years now I've been lining my bin with butcher's paper. With the new compost bin I don't even need to do that. Just a quick rinse after emptying. I hope this will become permanent. Thank you Randwick Council.
  • Shirin about 6 years ago
    The sticker on the bin isn't enough. People see the sticker as an advertisement (my husband did) I had to empty nearly the whole content of that particular bin yesterday. We need different colored lids or anything that makes people aware of the NEW BIN
  • kimochi almost 6 years ago
    THANK YOU FOR THE BIN !! and for the compost service. I was very impressed when i found the little bin on my doorstep and have been using it since. The bin liners do disintegrate before they are full however I now place the compost bag inside my general rubbish bag and carry it down to the bin and then place it into the big compost bin. This way it doesn't drip or cause a mess :) I do hope that this will be an ongoing service after the trial as i am ALL FOR IT !! Thanks again.