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$68M light rail support plan

over 5 years ago

Randwick City Council has released its draft $68M light rail support plan. The plan proposes to support the introduction of light rail and reduce its impact by creating hundreds of new onstreet parking spaces, a multi-storey car park in Kingsford, cycleway improvements, road closures and pedestrianised areas. What do you think of the plan?

This consultation has concluded. This website was operational from 2011 to 2014 as a means to consult the community and show the benefits of light rail in Randwick City. The NSW Government will start construction on the CBD and South East Light Rail project after April 2015. For updates on construction refer to the Sydney Light Rail website:  

Randwick City Council continues to consult the local community about ways to reduce the impact of the construction of light rail in Randwick City. Future consultations will be conducted through our special consultation

    • Jacques about 5 years ago
      It's hard to praise government and still sound apolitical, however I just wanted to say good work to Randwick council and the NSW state government for progressing with light rail to the east. My only ask is that council continue to push for it to be extended to Maroubra Junction. Not only would it be great for the junction and surrounds (which have come a long way in the last 10 years), but I think it would help disperse some of those commuters who will drive or cycle part of the way, thus alleviating the potential for a bottle neck and congenstion in Kingsford.
    • Keo over 5 years ago
      The light rail plan seems like a great idea to reduce traffic congestion and reliance on cars. I would like to see the plan improved with secure bicycle parking options at transfer points along the light rail system, in particular, having bicycle parking options at the proposed multi-storey carpark in Kingsford. This would encourage people to cycle to the transfer points of the light rail system and leave their cars at home. It would also help if Councils can create more dedicated cycle paths leading Kingsford.
    • FierceDinosaur over 5 years ago
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    • JezDynamite over 5 years ago
      I agree with FierceDinosaur's post below. I couldn't have written it better myself.In addition, TfNSW have indicated that, when light rail is implemented, the right hand turn into Rainbow St from Anzac Parade (when travelling north) will no longer be possible. I can imagine a large number of cars wishing to park in Kingsford will come from this direction.How are these cars expected to use the car park if they can't cross the light rail tracks along Anzac Parade (or at Rainbow Street) to the other side of Anzac Parade to access the proposed car park?
      • FierceDinosaur over 5 years ago
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    • FierceDinosaur over 5 years ago
      I can think of a great many other worthy projects to spend $68million of OUR RATEPAYER’S money on! If the Light Rail is to work, of course there needs to be parking at stations, but that should have been incorporated in the original plan and paid for by the developer. I utterly object to wasting $68 million of PUBLIC money in support of what is to be a PRIVATE sector built and operated concern (probably owned by foreigners). It amounts to a transfer of people's PUBLIC money to the PRIVATE sector, or a public subsidy to a private firm if you like.I read the EIS and discovered that not only are we going to be heavily disrupted for 5 or 6 years while the construction happens, but we are to lose the parking (Anzac Parade will become as ugly and desolate and congested and filthy as Parramatta Rd, with very few right turns off it in both directions); we are going to lose around 800 mature trees, almost all of a public park, loss of access to businesses; the stop in High Cross Park has been ill-thought out – it should be opposite the hospital entrance; and people will have to change from numerous bus routes to the light rail car, thereby swapping a seat for a standing position; and what are we going to gain? A mere 4% DECREASE in travel time to the city!!! And an INCREASE in travel time FROM the city!!!! If they took any notice of the EIS, this project would be dumped straight away. It is the wrong design in the wrong place and in any case, it should be underground. Or, to stop congestion in the city, get the buses to stop at Redfern or Central, where people can transfer to existing heavy underground rail. The imposition by the NSW State Government of this design of a transportation system and all it entails is sheer madness, and unfortunately, Randwick Council has had to go along with it and offer “bandaid" help to mitigate the impacts to the tune of $68 million. Doubtless there will be a "special levy" on us ratepayers to cover the cost - I await the next hefty bill with sad anticipation.
      • sztong over 5 years ago
        i think rather than not building any new infrastructure, heavy underground rail should be built or a metro style as suggested by other forums. light rail simply isn't feasible especially if it will take people LONGER to get to the city. what's the point! I will definitely be one that will drive to Kingsford and park my car at the car park from Maroubra if this goes ahead as it will be too much trouble to change from a bus --> tram especially given I live near the Malabar side.
        • FierceDinosaur over 5 years ago
          Reading further, I have discovered that the multi-storey car park at Kingsford is to replace the parking spaces which will be lost along Anzac Parade and from outside of the Souths Juniors where the interchange will be located (dumb decision) and for people wanting to go shopping in Kingsford, and NOT for commuters to park in and use the light rail!!!! You can check up on this if you want - the Council should be able to confirm or deny this.
    • Margaret Hogg over 5 years ago
      The money being used to try and help us due to this ridiculous; Fiscally irresponsible and morally bankrupt plan by a minister who has done little to help but spend copious amounts of money is not listening. I call for her job!Premier if you are listening. before she sends the entire city into absolute ChaosMargaretIn search of Democracy2035