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How do you currently get to and from Randwick?

over 8 years ago

This consultation has concluded. This website was operational from 2011 to 2014 as a means to consult the community and show the benefits of light rail in Randwick City. The NSW Government will start construction on the CBD and South East Light Rail project after April 2015. For updates on construction refer to the Sydney Light Rail website:  

Randwick City Council continues to consult the local community about ways to reduce the impact of the construction of light rail in Randwick City. Future consultations will be conducted through our special consultation

    • laetitia over 5 years ago
      I work in the city and go from maroubra through randwick, my husband park the car at kingsford on Anzac parade, and I pick up the car on my way back from work to arrive early to pick up the kids at school
    • what over 8 years ago
      Commute by bus into the city. Car on weekends (except if going just to the city) as trips are too diverse for public transport to be practical.
    • soulbirds of a feather over 8 years ago
      My son has to catch a bus from Bondi Junction to his school at Randwick. My wife accompanies him, then catches another bus to Central. In the afternoon, she catches another bus back to Randwick, picks up my son, then catches another bus to Bondi Junction. When I go to Randwick, I either catch a bus from Bondi Junction or walk if I feel like getting a bit of exercise.
    • newbie over 8 years ago
      I travel by bus to the CBD to catch a connecting bus to work. I also catch the bus to get to the Belmore Rd shopping strip
    • Claire over 8 years ago
      Commute by bus to the city and also catch the bus up to UNSW and Randwick Junction.
    • brainwavze over 8 years ago
      Car to Kid's schools then CBD to drop off the wife then North Sydney. With a Light rail, we could easily travel to city by rail.
    • jshervington1 over 8 years ago
      I get to and from Randwick by 400 bus out of Maroubra Junction; sometimes if the timetable allows I might catch 316 bus or even 317 bus.
    • Jan over 8 years ago
      Commute by bus. I also walk. The big problem at kingsford is that many buses are full when they arrive. Also, Anzac parade buses get caught in peak hour traffic while coogee buses can use the busway. I think all express buses should use the busway while others the road. However, I would prefer it if light rail replaces all the buses.I often use buses to bondi junction rather than car and park.
    • dewaldo over 8 years ago
      Light rail would ease the peak congestion particularly on the buses. With so many educational, entertainment, infrastructure etc venues in the area, an efficient and effective transport system benefits all. Making it EASY and cheap for people to use public transport encourages them to reduce their use of the inefficient (cars etc) modes. Ensure that all public transport modes have their timetables co-ordinated so that people can easily make longer journeys.
    • Brendan over 8 years ago
      I travel by train from the Sutherland Shire to Central, where I then wait in a line for 1 hour to catch a bus to UNSW.
    • jayen over 8 years ago
      I take the bus. I wish there were more routes, to take me directly to places like supa centa moore park and the airport. Many of my colleagues who drive from home to Randwick have no direct bus routes near their homes.
    • John Bonsing over 8 years ago
      Traveling workdays from Coogee Beach to the city on the X73/4's by the time we leave Randwick express to the city entrance these buses are full; from CQ back home in evenings, the same is true from Elizabeth St to Randwick. From the perspective of Coogee valley, connecting at Belmore Rd on the highly desirable proposed extension would be simply a matter of catching a loop service up to Randwick and onto the light rail service, using an integrated ticketing system of course!. For those interested two tram florettes remain in Coogee, one on CBH and another at Havelock. Twice a week my partner catches the M50 through the city to Rozelle, and it will be of interest to see how such services can be integrated with the trams. But I pity the uni students on the 89x busses out of central - I used to be in those sardine tins, back in the 80s, and very unpleasant indeed!
    • clydestreet over 8 years ago
      By bus to CBD most days. Sometimes walk or run (once or twice a week). Occasionally by GoGet car share car. We don't own a car and chose to live in Randwick because of the good public transport network, although peak morning buses are often full. A light rail option would make the area more attractive and take pressure off buses (assuming rail supplements the bus network). Has Council done any analysis on impacts of light rail on property values? Could an increase in property values be "leveraged" in the form of a "future tax" on rate payers to help pay for such a service? And yes, I am a rate payer!
    • jray310 over 8 years ago
      Bus and bike (more often the latter despite no bike lanes in many areas) to and from the city
    • mediahotandcold over 8 years ago
      I commute to Randwick area from Carlingford (north west Sydney) via one of two ways:1) Walk 20 mins or drive (depending on weather) to M2 bus stop. Bus to city (Town Hall). Bus again from city to UNSW.2) Bus to Epping Station. Train from Epping to Central. Bus from Central to UNSW.Either way the trip is three parts.A frequent light rail service might help alleviate congestion problems and move larger volumes of people. The bus I take gets stuck in Anzac Parade traffic. Bus lanes seems to be useless when they are most needed.
    • talt over 8 years ago
      Lived in Randwick for years recently moved to the inner west but still work Randwick. I cycle to work most days. When I dont cycle have to drive. The only public transport option is to travel inbound to Newtown then change to 370 which goes around the world to get to Randwick. Of a weekend or after 7pm it is easier, quicker & less frustrating to travel all the way to central befre changing to a Randwick bus. With the growth in Alexandria, Waterloo, Green Square etc I imagine that the demand for trips between the hubs of Randwick, Newtown & Sydenham (with its multiple rail routes)will increase. cyling i cant help but notice the old tram lines on Todman & Gardeners rd.
    • Rob over 8 years ago
    • onie7 over 8 years ago
      I catch a train from Blacktown to Central and then catch a bus to Randwick.
    • John over 8 years ago
      I ride my motor bike, easy parking but Don't like buses, they make me feel sick.
    • Quidgy over 8 years ago
    • mitchsw over 8 years ago
      Commute by bus ever day. I didn't know there was any other way...? Honestly, the wait for a bus isn't too bad. I have had worse experiences with buses in other suburbs. However, in saying that, I still support Light Rail
    • biker over 8 years ago
      I ride a bike to work at UNSW but would welcome the option of light rail. Not only for occasional use but also because it would reduce road congestion, reduce carbon emissions and make life generally more pleasant!
    • gordonr over 8 years ago
      I live in Randwick and have lived in Coogee/Randwick for over 20 years. I normally ride a motorscooter to Pyrmont via Anzac Parade, avoiding the morning peak congestion on Alison Road. This congestion also seriously affects the buses before they can enter the bus roadway.I used to take the bus to Elizabeth St or Central and then walk, or use the light rail. I still do this in heavy rain. Sadly, rain is also when the buses and roads are full, leading to a random commute time.Light rail, with dedicated lanes, would provide a predictable commute, and I would be likely to use it frequently. Buses, which must compete with other traffic, are no match.
    • jnixon over 8 years ago
      Generally car, as it's far more convenient and timewise more efficient as I can use the backroads and avoid all the traffic congestion, especially later in the afternoon, where a bus can take me an hour to get home when I can drive it normally in 15 minutes due to traffic. Buses when car is not possible
    • Majj over 8 years ago
      Car - takes 15min in the mornings compared to 1 hr by bus!
    • Spirl over 8 years ago
      To get to work in Nth Sydney from Randwick I usually was at the mercy of Public Transport. Buses are the only means of inexpensive transport to get around the Eastern Suburbs without a car or using a Taxi service. I would catch a bus from near the spot to Central or Town Hall and then use the trains to goto Nth Sydney. The bus services however can be greatly affected by heavy traffic in peak hours especially in tight areas like Belmore Road, Avoca Street, Perouse Road, Avoca Street, etc. Light rail could definitely help in providing a more consistant and efficient transport delivery service to Randwick.
    • andyincoogee over 8 years ago
      I get the buses to the city, but if I am in a rush, I'll drive. There used to be a tram all the way to Coogee. Bring it back! It's such a nicer way to get anywhere than buses, better on the environment as well. I'm certainly in favour of bringing a light rail to Randwick, but go the whole hog and take it to the beaches. The best option would actually be, as has been discussed in the past, a heavy rail, or metro to Randwick, following on to Maroubra Junction. Light rail should connect the beaches to these two train stations, the tickets being connected to it so you would, for example, pick up a tram in Coogee, change to Metro in Randwick, to the city. This would get rid of all the traffic problems along Alison Road and other bottlenecks. Whatever the decision is, just get it done NOW ... We can't wait any longer!
    • nikostrikes over 8 years ago
      I always catch a bus into the city. Randwick is well serviced by buses, however light rail - if affordable - would be a more environmentally friendly way of moving people from say UNSW to Central. I also walk from North Randwick to Coogee beach for exercise
    • novan over 8 years ago
      I catch a bus from Frenchs Forest to the city, 30 minutes minimum - 45 minutes maximumThen..If congestion is bad through York St I'll get off at Wynyard and catch a train to either Town Hall and catch an m50 or m10, or I'll catch a train to central and get the 89x to uni depending on traffic conditions of the day. 891 service can get overwhelmed (the line runs from the beginning of Eddie Ave into the park and then back out again sometimes), and the M50/M10 can be too infrequent and unpunctual to even get to class in time. But even then, sometimes it's quicker to get lucky and get on an mXX bus that happens to be running too early or too late, take the often half hour+ journey to UNSW and walk 10 minutes to the other end of campus to get to class remotely on time. If congestion is not bad then catch a bus straight to QVB and catch m50 or m10 from Park st, or walk to a Elizabeth St. and catch a 39x bus.
    • z3303723 over 8 years ago
      In order to get to Randwick from Matraville, I need to catch a bus from Matraville to Eastgardens and change buses to get to Randwick. This can take up to 50 minutes. All very inconvenient for what is normally a 10-15 minute car trip, especially with lack of buses from Matraville which are always late/sometimes don't come at all. A light rail would make a world of difference if it was built in the right areas.
      • Binda almost 8 years ago
        yes I agree, its absolutely hopeless. Why would anyone catch a bus when you can get there in 10 minutes driving. Public Transport is an all day event just for a doctors appointment or go to physio at Randwick and then there is the walk to the bus stop which is not an option if you are unwell.
    • tullipan over 8 years ago
      I have to drive because there are no buses available at a suitable for for my start time at the hospital. This takes me ~12 minutes.If I were to get to Randwick to start work at 7:00am I would need to catch a bus to Edgecliffe then a train to Bondi Junction, then a bus to Randwick. This takes me anywhere between 35 min to 1hr. If the bus were available at an appropriate time I could get a bus to Bondi Junction the a bus to Randwick. To get to Randwick it would take me ~40min to get home up to 2 hours because of the lack of services from Bondi Junction (every 25min in peak hour if you are lucky).
    • lp222 over 8 years ago
      either bus to station then train, but that takes well over an hour to get to north sydney so mostly drive. light rail would be excellent
    • kenrick over 8 years ago
    • Kurtwang over 8 years ago
      I travel by bus to Uni NSW, often delay, not convenient
    • saari over 8 years ago
      In general, there is no choice at the moment: either the bus or the car.Since I don't own a car (and I don't want to), bus is the only choice.
    • cookie over 8 years ago
      Can the proposed route extend at least to hyde park, closest to CBD where almost all buses (391,399, etc) stop before going to Anzac Parade? It's more expensive to take the bus to and from Randwick and CBD, than CBD to/from another location farther away than Randwick (quite unfair, imo) :-(
    • gormster over 8 years ago
      The absolutely mental 891. The lines are so long at morning peak they can run into all the way down Eddy Avenue and into Elizabeth Street.God forbid I have to drive. Parking is either nonexistent or extortionately expensive.
    • DCB over 8 years ago
      I commute to UNSW from Western Sydney.First I drive to the station, and then catch a train to Central.I then catch the UNSW bus to campus. (usually pretty good service going this way, have never had to wait more than 10 minutes)However going back is a different story. Depending on time of day, the express bus to Central can take up to half hour, sometimes more, by which point the line is long and the bus packed! The ordinary buses to central are generally more frequent but are usually cramped as well.I sometimes attempt to drive in but the lack of parking is major deterrent. I think a frequent light rail service would alleviate the crowds and provide an incentive to not drive and park.
    • swimming54 about 8 years ago
      randwick has a great public transport system at a reasonable cost. why not use light rail in suburbs where they are crying out for any form of public transport. seems to me the winners of a light rail sysyem would be those who want to pay more to travel and the light rail organisation themselves wanting to profit. this is yet another form of transport to clog up congested roadways. those historians that are so keen on what they consider to be a tram replacement should take a vacation in melbourne from time to time.
      • FierceDinosaur over 7 years ago
        That is very interesting - every other comment seems to think that light rail is the answer to all their problems. I think that it would further clog up the roads that are already at capacity, but there is extra room on Anzac Parade to build the light rail where the trams used to run, which is NOT in the current roadways; however, light rail would have to cross those roads at some point...... So, when people say "look at Melbourne, the trams are fantastic" maybe they aren't??? You are probably right about the light rail builders/operators - they only want to cash in on the proven routes. Myself, I favour an underground tunnel system of normal heavy rail to be extended throughout the eastern suburbs, to finish off the job of providing rail transport for the whole city. After all, when the heavy rail networks were built, much of the Eastern Suburbs was thinly inhabited, and the tram network was seen as a cheap alternative for those areas, and for Central and Western Suburbs weekend pleasuremakers to get to the beaches.
    • Kate_C about 8 years ago
      Drive to Glenfield railway station, catch train to either Green Square or Central, then catch a bus to UNSW, then walk to Prince of Wales Hospital. Light rail would make this process much easier!
    • TechnoViking about 8 years ago
      By bus to the city/Bondi Junction. By bike or bus to work (Alexandria).
    • gruddau about 8 years ago
      I use the bus weedays and my car gets out on the weekends usually. I catch the: 339 374 376 372 depending on the direction of travel and if I need to whip into Royal Randwick for groceries on the way home.
    • Katie about 8 years ago
      Bus during the week to and from work at Circular Quay. On the weekends if we're going into the city, we'll either walk or drive as the busses aren't frequent and our locations are usually too diverse for the bus network to be a viable option.
    • Paul James about 8 years ago
      Is there a registry of stakeholders for this proposal? If so, how do we register?
      • FierceDinosaur over 7 years ago
        What a good idea. Just by posting on this forum they could form a list.... there could be a box to tick if you want to be added to such a list. Far too often, the Council thinks it has done "extensive community consultation" on important issues, when in fact, no-one seems to know anything. Recently at Maroubra Beach the COUNCIL was planning to raise the max building height from 12m to 22m. That is a major change over a large area. I was involved in setting up a couple of information stalls at the beach on 2 Saturday mornings to let people know, and the outrage generated meant that the Council had to agree to limit building heights to 16m absolute maximum... no SEPP1 allowed to extend above this. Apparently the Council staff and the Councillors were genuinely surprised that people didn't know about it and didn't want to accept the change. Also, there is a Council election coming up in September. Timing always helps.
    • Julia about 8 years ago
      I travel by bus to the CBD during the week. By car or foot to Randwick (from Coogee) on weekends. It would be nice to have another option though - many buses can't use the bus lane, and so get stuck in traffic just the same as cars. Also, given the state of the roads, a bus trip can be a pretty bumpy ride! It would be nice to have something smooth and fast. With the urbanisation and development in Alexandria, Kingsford, Rosebery etc, more public transport options will need to be examined anyway, and there are only so many buses you can have on the roads.
    • rsan01 about 8 years ago
      Car from home to school (otherwise two buses), then bus to city
    • Binda almost 8 years ago
      I drive from Little Bay as there is no direct public transport. We want transport around Botany Bay and to the west. Why is everything oriented to the city when most people don't work there anymore. There is no and has never been a connection from La Perouse to the eastern beaches, so its always 4 buses or into the city and out again.
      • what almost 8 years ago
        I think you'll find for residents of the City of Randwick:20% commute to Sydney CBD each day. 30% commute to Uni NSW or POW hospitalsAdd to that the commute of the people of greater Sydney to the Uni NSW or POW hospitals, we are talking about tens thousands of daily journeys. Many of the people communting from greater Sydney by public transport do so via Sydney CBD each day. Those that "can't" drive. If Randwick Council is serious (and I'm not sure about this), then they need to look at their own funding contribution to such a scheme. Discouraging private cars is the key. Both issues can be solved by parking meters ( !!!! ) around the key Uni NSW & POW hospitals hub (residents excepted), but only if Randwick Council is serious.
    • tony almost 8 years ago
      Catch the 400 bus runs frequently.
      • Binda almost 8 years ago
        unfortunately the 400 does not service the peninsula, that is is does run south of Pagewood, so useless for most of us in the south. We are the sacrifical lambs for the rest of the eastern suburbs. We get all the port noise and reversing signals 24hours a day, Randwick Council have now taken our parking away at La Perouse (220 spaces lost), so we can't even get to our own local cafes. The M5 cuts us off from the rest of the bay after 2pm in the afternoon. Rockdale railway station is 15 mins drive from the south ward and the train is a better option, but alas no public transport for us to get to Rockdale.No one cares about us, everything is for students and the hospital. We had our hospital taken from us at Little Bay and we have no direct public transport to POW. lIKE i SAID WE ARE THE SACRIFICAL LAMBS.
    • SUZZIE almost 8 years ago
      getting to randwick involves 2 buses. 1 to Maroubra and then 1 to Randwick. Light rail is a good idea if it covers a wide area. It would be nno point if it covered the same as the bus. If the plan was to go ahead, there should be input from the people who actually live in the areas.
      • FierceDinosaur over 7 years ago
        But the light rail WOULD only cover the same proven crowded routes, as it would be a public/private partnership. In the old socialist days, when no-one had cars, public transport was seen as a "public good" that was paid for with public money, or the government borrowed the money for a low interest rate over 30 or 40 years to invest in public transport, etc. No government of any persuasion these days is interested in the public good, they are all just obsessed with balancing the books and having no deficit. It is quite literally barmy: the government is the ONLY entity who can borrow money for public infrastucture at low rates, as they are a sure customer (or used to be before the GFC and the proping up of the banks by governments around the world!) There ARE other models of public transport - go to Hong Kong to see the numerous small passenger van buses that zip around taking people to major hubs: train stations and ferry wharves. The Councils could run feeder bus services from all the suburbs to connect to the major services along Anzac Parade, and there COULD be integrated ticketing.... Aren't there any forward thinkers and entrepreneurs out there anymore?
    • Stirlo almost 8 years ago
      Via car 99% of the time because I'm always going over the bridge and it's very inconvenient on public transport. However, I am pro-public transport due to environmental reasons and want a good system for Sydney. Let's hope the light rail is done for the right and justifiable reasons and if it goes ahead it isn't a white elephant that simply gets a select few very rich.
    • Rusty Shovel almost 8 years ago
      I currently travel to work from Kingsford/Randwick Barker St to the City by bus. I can either walk to the Spot or down Barker St to Anzac Pde to get any one of numerous buses already offered. There used to be a bus 357 that used to go down to Kingsford and also to Maroubra Junction that enabled me to change to a city bus but that has been taken away.Why put in a huge light rail system where there is currently lots of options with buses and already with too much congestion with the new Health & Education centre being built on Barker St and hopefully not being built but built with limitations a huge block of new apartments on the Inglis property on Barker St. This area will become more of a nightmare than it already is with traffic and pedestrians overflow.
    • morelightrail almost 8 years ago
      As well the light rail, heavy should be built utilising the tunnel from St James to the SCG (Moore Park), if they they can brought up to modern standards and finished off, then it could be continued on to service the rest of Randwick city.
      • g.paxinos over 7 years ago
        Given Sydney's low population density, light rail and not heavy rail is suitable. Light rail can carry fewer people, but can be twice as frequent and make twice as many stops as heavy rail. It is also less costly because a light rail stop is like a bus stop while a train stop costs $40million to build.
        • FierceDinosaur over 7 years ago
          Didn't stop them building new heavy rail to the airport and new heavy rail to homebush for the Olympics, and that was for a one-off event. The airport stations are now part of the regular communter network, but people won't use them to capacity BECAUSE THE PRIVATE OWNER IMPOSED A STATION USE CHARGE - crass stupidity, a total deterrent. I myself have jumped the barrier at the Airport and Mascot stations a few times to avoid paying extra just to use the station!!! And how often is the Homebush line in use? A few times a year.Why can't the same money and ingenuity that was around at Olympics time be put into providing underground heavy rail to the rest of the Eastern Suburbs, which, by the way, is getting more heavily populated by the day (think high rises in Maroubra Junction, Kensington, Kingsford, and soon to be in Matraville, etc, etc.)
    • FierceDinosaur over 7 years ago
      Lovely picture of light rail - but where are all the cars??? Do you really think that the roads will be so clear when light rail is built?Of course light rail is a good idea - there is the old tram corridor which can be used, so the roads can still be used exclusively for cars and buses. But why, oh why, doesn't the plan go further, to cover ALL the old tram routes: to the beaches, to Maroubra Junction (why do you think it was called a "Junction" in the first place?), to La Perouse. Kensington and the POW will get it all, and there will be no rail of any sort for the hundreds of thousands of people to the south. All of us are ratepayers; it's not very equitable is it?
    • Walli over 7 years ago
      I drive, unless going to the city and then I catch a bus or drive.My children all catch buses to university and work. My husband drives.
    • luna almost 7 years ago
      I'm old enough to have used the old tramways, they were not good.I agree with light rail if it doesn't use 1 cm of road used by cars & busesI find buses a great way to travel and they have a great service out of Coogee no matter where you are going.I travel to the CBD, Crows Nest, Bondi and Chatswood by bus and train and it's a great service.Don't let the new craze of light rail muck up a perfectly good public transport service out of Coogee.
    • Richards over 6 years ago
      I walk to work from Kensington during the week, cycle 34 km two morning during the week and cycle to beach on the weekend to swim. Get a taxis to the airport when needed.
    • star1 over 6 years ago
      Several alternate bus options and car when someone available to drive.