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What do you want to see emphasised in the DCP?

over 7 years ago

This consultation has concluded.

  • what over 7 years ago
    Height - 12 metres per foreshore protection. Accept the need for development to boundaries (no or low setbacks) to get the height down to 12 metres.Forget all these 'block by block' rules, dependent on site amalgamation etc. This will be abused and loopholed by developers. We need clear and simple rules.
  • suggest over 7 years ago
    12 metres for Maroubra Beach town centre is far too high. Check with Waverley council to see what they allow at Bondi BeachThe permanent damage done to West Ward in this regard should be a hanging offence. Please don't do it to Maroubra Beach.Overdevelopment means overpopulation. Randwick's mad rush to match Hong Kong's population density of about 6,000 per sq km should also be a hanging offenseHowever the good news is that you have placed yourselves in the hands of a top firm of architects, namely Allen Jack + Cottier. I hope and pray you listen to them Where were they when West Ward was being trashed?
  • FierceDinosaur over 7 years ago
    I think that the rules for Maroubra Beach "Town Centre" should be written so that any development will allow winter sunlight on to Marine Parade ("the Dead Zone" as the locals call it); that is, any roofline built should slope downwards to Marine Parade from an apex of 16m maximum height. This roof apex should be set back from the street at least 20m, so that the sun reaches the street. The height and shape of the Seals Club "block" is a really good example of why there should be no further buildings like it at the beach, because in winter, the Seals casts a long cold shadow virtually all day long on the "Dead Zone".The Council should go further than this sensible "solar design", however, by incorporating ecologically sustainable principles into the DCP - any proposed buildings should be strictly designed along solar design principles, that is, with the orientation of the sun and direction of the previaling winds in mind. There should be mandatory use of top quality insulation materials; rooftop gardens; rainwater harvesting; solar panels for electricity and water heating; etc. In this way, Maroubra Beach could become a really interesting "showcase" of urban eco-village design, and visitors would come just to see what is possible and be inspired. Randwick Council would win prizes for encouraging sustainable living, and would be widely immitated as one of the world's most innovative and forward thinking Councils. Are they brave enough to rise to the challenge?
  • Carlo over 7 years ago
    please achieve development possibilities that will enable my children to continue living in the area. Whether its increased housing density, or affordable housing. Future generations should be able to live in the area, without it being so expensive.
  • Sally about 7 years ago
    Access to sunshine at all times on public areas. Continued emphasis on community village feel with local small shops in place and on street dining. Low density - existing streetscape is beautiful - just needs a tidy up. Please no more horrible big walls of flats like those around the pub. Gaps between the buidlings, no major shops or supermarkets, continued free parking, low rise development only. Go to Zetland if you want to live in a Meriton 'paradise' - we want nothing like that here.
  • concern about 7 years ago
    Low density structures with a height of 12 metres maximum with emphasis on village atmosphere, family friendly, cafes with street dining and set back from the street to allow sunshine. No major shopping centres or ugly block buildings.