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What is your vision for the Maroubra Beach Town Centre?

over 7 years ago

At the community workshop Monday 24 September 2012 on the DCP for the Maroubra Beach Town Centre, 80 residents worked in tables on the following questions:

  • what is your vision for the area?
  • what do you want to see emphasised in the DCP?
  • what controls matter most to you in the DCP?

The workshop notes are in the library

This consultation has concluded.

  • what over 7 years ago
    I think the 12 metre height limit on foreshore protection should be adopted as applies to other coastal areas in Randwick City, not the higher buildings allowed when the Local Environment Plan was passed by Council in May 2012.Sure the pub is higher, but at least it backs onto a hillside area, the rest of the commercial area is very visible from many other parts of Maroubra. I know the Seals Club is around 22m, but that should be an EXCEPTION. Sure give the Seals club a higher floor space ratio IF they redevelop adjoining sites AND as long as the new buildings stay under a 12 metre height limit.
  • Carlo over 7 years ago
    Lets encourage development which can actually make the place financially sustainable, not the mediocre centre that it currently is. There isnt enough population in the area to support the shops in the area.
  • Alan Hellier over 7 years ago
    I think the currently proposed building height limit is a reasonable compromise between what the residents wanted and what the developers wanted. The recent development on the north side of McKeon Street is very attractive. However, being a new building, the owners want to charge higher rents for the ground floor commercial units. The problem is that nobody wants to pay these, and the units have remained empty for a year or two, until very recently. My fear is that the same thing might happen with the proposed new development, and Maroubra Beach will become a ghost town. The current shops are mostly desirable ones. Might it be possible to build on top of the existing shops, while maintaining them open during the building work?
  • Sally over 7 years ago
    I often say that I live in the 1950s living at Maroubra...what I mean by that is that we live in a village where everyone knows each other and where small private businesses are the only ones in town. My vision is to keep Maroubra as a beautiful, relaxing village atmosphere - much like Balmoral is for the north shore. There are plenty of beaches in the Eastern suburbs with large bars, fast food and high scale tourism. If we over develop Maroubra we won't have a lovely, residential oasis any more. We have high rise apartments, supermarkets and fast food just up the road at the junction, and a giant Westfield at Eastgardens. We don;t need any of that down at the beach. We also don;t need meriton like charmless development on the beachfront.
  • FierceDinosaur about 7 years ago
    Having just viewed the DCP for the Maroubra Beach area, which is now on exhibition, I must say that the workshops appear to have been a total waste of time and money, as the Council Planners and Allen Jack Cottier Architects have made ABSOLUTELY NO EFFORT AT ALL TO INCORPORATE ANY OF THE IDEAS THE PEOPLE CAME UP WITH. What's more, the Council Planners and the Architects have added insult to injury by adding a totally useless Colonnade along Marine Parade and will allow the construction of a large supermarket there!!!! - a thing that practically everyone spoke against.The majority of people wanted a revision of the whole design to try and preserve the "village-like atmosphere" that we all like so much; no cliff-like 16m facade along Marine Parade, but a gradual slope back from the street, with gaps to break up the streetscape; mandatory ecologically sustainable design; no supermarket; etc, and so the list goes on. Instead, I find that the original plan from 5 years ago is more or less still in place! Why did the Council bother with the workshops when they had no intention of taking any notice of people's wishes?? Call me cynical, but is it so that the Council can say that they have done "after extensive public consultation" (which they have now done and which they should have done five years ago), but then just go ahead and do what they want anyway????? We will all lose faith in the process if this is how it turns out!!!Yours sincerely,From a very annoyed resident.
  • fairmum about 7 years ago
    Maroubra Beach should try and develop a more inviting village atmosphere that is family friendly...I still find it a ghost town that is not welcoming and insular. Shops that are attractive and useful like ice-cream parlours, cafes, boutiques are more preferable to industrial auto workshops and pubs. You don't need high-rises to achieve that but you do need more considered development. Green spaces, picnic spaces, useful facilities and sensible retail development can all help with that...