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Do you have ideas to improve the bike track?

over 6 years ago

This consultation has concluded.

  • TJAG over 6 years ago
    SIGNs SIGNs SIGNs - how to you teach people to be respectful and be considerate of children's safety??Put a large SIGN to ask some parents to stay away / do not "obstruct" the bike path - last Sunday, my children have to keep yelling "watch out" to parents and toddlers. It was not a safe place due some ignorant adults. There was a group of Party Parents having party games and extend themselves onto the bike track. Causing dangerous encounters for a lot of kids on the bike track. Yes simply ignorant of other bike users (children). Also bikes and scooters were left all over the track.Also a SIGN stating that the park is not for kids' party, have them OUTSIDE of the bike track not INSIDE. Hope the council can somehow remind some ignorant people to respect safety of other children first.
  • LG2032 over 6 years ago
    Perhaps turn the big mud pit (that really serves no beneficial purpose!) into a small circular track for toddlers. It could have a hands on feature in the centre that shows basic road signs.
  • MJD over 6 years ago
    It's just a shame that we missed out on a perfect opportunity to acknowledge Maroubra's greatest cyclist, Olympic gold medallist, Lionel COX, a member of the Randwick City Council Sporting Hall of Champions. Couldn't we just add his name to the winning entry? e.g. The Lionel Cox Pedal Park.
  • eetf over 6 years ago
    What a week lot of names for the bike track,unfortunately I was too late to add my entry, I believe it could have been named Trewins Bike Park after Mr Trewin who ran a cycle shop in Maroubra Rd for over 50 yrs serving cyclists both professional,and recreational including Lionel Cox our local Olympian. I feel we should honour our history