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Do you know of any other roads in Randwick City that have a speed signs over 50km/h?

over 7 years ago

Council staff have surveyed Randwick City looking for roads with speed signs over 50km/h. However we may have missed some and we would be grateful for your helpĀ in identifying any others.

This consultation has concluded.

  • jayen over 7 years ago
    Shouldn't the RTA have a database of such roads, like my GPS does?
  • jshervington1 over 7 years ago
    I know that Anzac Parade and Maroubra Road that intersect at the Maroubra Junction are State Roads but I'd still like to lodge here my protest re their speed limits of 60 kph in our Local Centre where there is proven high pedestrian activity. Come on local government how about putting more pressure on our State Government so that the speed limit on these roads are reduced to 40 kph. Surely pedestrian safety at this high risk area is commensurate with motorists desire for fast through traffic!
  • alexafrich over 7 years ago
    Yes. I thoroughly agree. I think that the speed limit on all roads should be reduced to 50 kmh including Todman Avenue, Kensington which was not included on your list. Todman Avenue should also have a maximum weight restriction of say no more than 3 tonnes.Alex.
  • Judy over 7 years ago
    I am surprised Mount Street doesn't warrant a 50 kph. Cars and motor bikes often do well over the 60 kph especially over crests where there are driveways entering and also where Kidman Street enters Mount Street.
  • terrylustig over 7 years ago
    Todman Avenue, while a state road should have its speed limit reduced to 50kph. It would make very little difference to the speeds that cars currently drive along this road anyway, and it might act as a further deterrent to those who tend to drive too fast. It is interesting that Cleveland Street has a speed limit of 50kph, and the sky has not fallen - yet.
  • Jackp over 7 years ago
    I totally support a 50Km speed limit on the roads recommended but would like to add a regular race track that never is monitored by police random speed checks is Torrington Road Maroubra which is the main entry to maroubra beach area and is home to speed freaks most if not every night. Because it is realatively long and straight it is a dragway.I hope this comment is received well.Regards
  • Beachgirl over 7 years ago
    I'd like to see all of Torrington Road, Marine Parade along to start of Fitzgerald avneue a 50 km area.My view is all the local raods should be 50 km , much safer for everyone and no need to keep thinking about "what zone am I in?"Additionally, how about including some centre line markings on some of our local roads, for example Torrington Road and Storey Street, drivers always seem to have trouble working out which is the left hand side of the road area and mostly drive in teh middle of the road. This would be a bonus at night or when the roads are wet.