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What do you think of lowering the speed limit to 50km/h on these local roads?

over 7 years ago

These roads all have speed limits over 50 km/h. We're interested in what impacts you envisage if the speed limit on these roads was reduced to 50 kph.

  • Arden Street            
  • Anzac Parade (south of Beauchamp Road)
  • Malabar Road
  • Maroubra Road
  • Cowper Street
  • Franklin Street
  • Beauchamp Road
  • Bunnerong Road (between Botany Road and Anzac Parade)
  • Darley Road
  • Carrington Road
  • Coogee Bay Road (between Belmore Road and Carrington Road)
  • Perry Street

This consultation has concluded.

  • jayen over 7 years ago
    I don't think the limit should be reduced on all council roads. I think each road should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • jayen over 7 years ago
    I'm not a fan of speed limits. I would rather see pedestrian crossings put in, in combination with illuminating lights, signals, and/or refuges.
    • GooseyLucyLoo over 7 years ago
      I agree, I live on Cowper St and it's a traffic accident almost every week! It's a 60km zone but with people rushing down the hill, I think the speed is often higher, and combined with high levels of traffic, buses, and turning vehicles from multiple intersections, accidents occur regularly! I have seen multiple pedestrians hit, moving cars, parked cars, and even a motorbike rider. Let's put in more crossings, speed bumps, and forget the speed signs. Everybody ignores them anyway!
  • Clare over 7 years ago
    I agree with reducing the limit on roads that are one lane in each direction plus parking, e.g. Arden St, Malabar Rd, Beauchamp Rd, Carrington Rd, Coogee Bay Rd. I do not agree with reducing the limit on roads that have two lanes in each direction e.g. Anzac Parade, Maroubra Rd, Darley Rd, parts of Bunnerong Rd.
  • davidt over 7 years ago
    During school terms when everyone is ferrying children around the suburbs, the speeds can't be much above 50km for large periods of the day? Why isn't Alison Rd included here? People speed up and down this road continuously and I regularly see folk bolting for dear life as they cross the road. If safety was really the reason for the speed limit then Alison Rd should be included.
  • Binda over 7 years ago
    How absolutely rediculous. The traffic is far too slow now. We should be looking at 70km at least on Anzac and Bunnerong Roads. 50 is far too slow and causes frustration and dulls the reflexes. Half the problem in Randwick is poor lane channeling and the squaring off of corners and narrowing spaces which necessitates drivers to have race out of intersections to integrate into the flow. The corners need to be rounded off. Maroubra Junction has been destroyed with new trafffic lights near the RSL and lanes from the south that don't line up. The lanes Between Fitzgerald Avenue and Maroubra Road on Anzac is simply heading north are so poorly located they cause a major bank up of traffic even when the road is quiet.Abolish traffic engineers and replace them with people with brains.
    • concerned Local over 7 years ago
      your absolutely right I was stuck behind a car that was truing right from Canbera st into Oberon st for almost 3 minutes.There was traffic banking up behind me and there was a steady stream from the other direction preventing the car in front from turning. If council had not extended the footpath into the curb lane of the road we would have been able to pass and not get held up by just one car but no the pedestrian island was placed in such a way as to block the traffic if it had been placed just 10m back pedestrian's would still have been able to benefit and the traffic would not get blocked but instead hundreds of drivers are delayed for the odd person crossing even a dedicated crossing would have been less obstructive more visible to drivers and safer for pedestrians, most likely cheaper to build also. Stop this trend of blocking traffic flow it's choking our city.
    • omega7 over 7 years ago
      70k's on Anzac Pde? Are you for real?How long have you held a licence? This is the most ridiculous comment I have ever come across.I have lived in this immediate area for over 40 years, and I have seen far too many serious accidents.Have you ever seen a mangled / lifeless body in an accident where speed was estimated to be just above,60?If your answer is NO, then come back and comment when you have.Anzac Pde is a built up area with a mix of commercial and residential property, NOT the bush.Go and do a defensive driving course and educate yourself, not fill your foot with lead.
  • concerned Local over 7 years ago
    why don't we go back to the good old days and have a some one carry a sign warning that there is a vehicle approaching.Just because a few hoons drive badly is no reason to shut Randwick down. Driving through the eastern suburbs every day for the past 20 years I have seen the more and more roads being closed off forcing more traffic onto main roads, others have had the flow reduced by excessive traffic calming and many more have been made so narrow by angled parking, bike lanes and planted vergers. Add to that extended school zones and the traffic for most of the day just crawls throughout the eastern suburbs well bellow 50Km/h in fact the average speed I manage while traveling to and from work is 19km\h. over the past 3 years the time it takes me to get from one end of the eastern suburbs to the other has increased by 15minutes and now we are seeing hundreds of new units being build in randwick we need more faster roads and a rail link not less and slower ones. A small minority with big voices in council are wasting our rates by investing this the only good thing to come of it is a clear message to council to drop this plan and give us back our roads and better public transport so we don't spend our lives stuck in traffic.
    • omega7 over 7 years ago
      Come back and tell me if you were at the scene of the serious accident outside the PCYC onBunnerong Road in the early 80's and actually saw the vehicle which went head on into the poleat high speed right before your eyes, and saw what the body of the driver looked like after the impact.orThe countless accidents at intersection of Botany Street and Rainbow Street before they installedStrip.or The hundreds of accidents at the intersection of Sturt and Botany Streets.Well, I have. So the enforcement of 50 Zones in the above areas is absolute gold and the most positive idea to come from the council, even though the council is a cash grabbing cow.
  • mjog over 7 years ago
    There's not reason why non-arterial roads need to have anything near a 60kph speed limit. There is almost unlimited evidence that as car speed increases so does the chance of an accident occurring (see the Victorian TAC "Wipe off 5" ads as an example of the application of this). As such I completely support 50kph on all the roads listed, especially so on single lane roads like Carrington and Coogee Bay Roads.The difference between travelling at a maximum of 60kph vs 50kph will make effectively no impact on travel times to local destinations, and for longer journeys people should be using arterial roads with their higher speed limits anyway.Slow down, chill out, save lives.
    • concerned Local over 7 years ago
      How about educating pedestrians on crossing the road safely and focusing some of the pressure and responsibility back on them. I had a jogger run right in front of me the other day. He didn't even look or slow down when he come onto the road. it's this kind of attitude that needs changing not drivers who have to deal with so many things going on around them. In this way they wont get hurt at all instead of only getting injured when hit at 50Km/h. I think this makes more since. We have ignored pedestrian education for far too long when I was young there were adds on TV all the time reminding kids and adults about the dangers of crossing a road now it's all about the drivers at the cost of severe road congestion.
      • mjog over 7 years ago
        Increased speed = decreased time to respond to potential hazards, regardless of who is at fault.It's simple, really: reducing speed saves lives.
        • concerned Local over 7 years ago
          Yeah right lets all get around in slow motion just to be sure.
          • mjog over 7 years ago
            Just to be sure you don't kill or cripple anyone, yes.
            • concerned Local over 7 years ago
              I have been driving for almost 30 years mostly in the eastern suburbs and have never had an accident but Ive seen a lot of slow stupid drivers on mobile phones and doing other things except concentrating on the road because at very low speeds they think they can. This is more likely to cause an accident. All I'm trying to say is that speed is not the problem. it's lack of drive training and pedestrian awareness to traffic.on most 60Km/h roads the traffic only moves at 40 to 50 in any case but dropping the speed limit to 50 will mean it will travel between 30 and 40km/h to avoid speed traps. at this speed we will see a lot more accidents due to lack of concentration on the road and more road congestion. It's very simple if people don't want to get hit by a car look before crossing a road and don't take chances running to beat the traffic not a lot of effort to save your life. People should not expect to walk across a road without looking if it's safe to do so they share in the responsibility and the sooner this is drummed into this generation the safer we will all be.
              • mjog over 7 years ago
                No offence, but you are wrong: speed is one of several primary factors in road accidents. By reducing the speed of a car, you have a large reduction in the risk of an accident occurring. Why is that a bad thing?A good example is from the RTA: Travelling a 50kmph allows a car to stop within 30m. If a child ran on to a road at that same point, another car travelling at 60kph it would hit the child, still moving at 44kph on impact.
                • Al. over 7 years ago
                  the problem is people driving at 50km/h (MAX) on a road like Bunnerong Road will not even break because they are not focus.If I follow your idea we should also drive at 50Km/h on freeways.
                  • omega7 over 7 years ago
                    Bunnerong Road is Residential, surrounded by houses where humans live.A Freeway is surrounded by bush, rock walls and the odd wildlife.Differentiate the 2 before making such a ridiculous comment, and I suggest you also book yourself in for a Defensive Driving Course with Ian Luft.He may teach you how to drive?I have seen far too many dead, lifeless, mangled bodies in MVA's around this area along with innocent pedestrians who have lost their lives to some idiot speeding beyond the signposted limit.If you can remember the Vehicle which went head on into one of the poles on Bunnerong Road near the Police / Citizens Club in the early 80's you would not make this comment.What I saw inside that car that day is etched in my mind for life.Not a pretty site, unfortunately that driver didn't have a head, LITERALLY.What comes out of a headless body is not for the faint hearted.You have absolutely no idea, no experience, and too much lead in your feet and most likely, have a high powered piece of garbage.
                • omega7 over 7 years ago
                  I so much agree with you, 1000% is a fair figure.I witnessed at first hand the single MVA outside the PCYC club on Bunnerong Road, Daceyville near the park in the early 80's where a young driver went head on into the pole at high speed only a few metres ahead of me. I saw his eyes as the vehicle connected with the pole, It really is like slow motion.The eyes bulging from his face, the lifeless body inside the vehicle before emergency services arrived, and the mess of the body inside that vehicle, the smell, it is etched in your mind for life.People who oppose the above speed limitations need to witness what I have witnessed in my 40 years living in this area.Majority, have not been here this long, or have very little driving experience and skills.I have completed a Defensive Driving Course with Ian Luft, and have put all my kids through this course.Best education they have ever received. Not the garbage taught by the uneducated, useless driving schools.
              • omega7 over 7 years ago
                30 years as a local motorist, I'm on the right page, however if you witnessed the single MVA outside the PCYC in the early 80's where a young man in high powered vehicle went head on with the power pole near the park, you may agree to the limitations.I witnessed this accident first hand, as I was walking directly towards it, I can still see the eyes of the driver and the fear in his eyes before it connected with the pole, the head disconnecting from the body, and the family grieving at the site, and still grieving.I know them, I knew the driver.Speed limitations are absolute gold.Leaving home early to get from A to B is considered to be wise.Completing a defensive driving course with Ian Luft is the best thing I have ever done, and my kids have thanked me for providing them with this valuable course and the skills they have gained from it far outweigh the garbage taught in the many driving schools which have put more motorists on the road with no driving skills whatsoever.If drivers were educated by a professional driver, we wouldn't be debating this issue.
                • concerned Local over 7 years ago
                  I agree that there are a lot of drivers on the road that should not be there but this is also a traffic flow issue you can't penalise all drivers for a few bad ones. I have seen may accidents one just two weeks ago when a driver went straight through a give way signs and hit the car in front of me square on. Speed was not an issue lack of attention to the road is the main issue and lowering the speed limit will make this worse as drivers loose focus on the road the slower they go. With any luck in the next 10 years we will have cars that will drive themselves so all of this will be a non issue.
            • omega7 over 7 years ago
              If anyone can come back to me who visually witnessed the vehicle which hit the Power Pole outside the PCYC on Bunnerong Road Daceyville in the early 80's and the aftermath of the body behind the wheel to come forward.I witnessed this vehicle hit the pole and can remember the fear in the eyes of the driver when the vehicle connected with the pole.A young man with an ego and a high powered vehicle, but unfortunately he had minimal skills in driving a motor vehicle and a family who still grieves. Anybody who opposes the above speed limitations should keep their worthless comments.If you did not witness this, or any other serious accident in the above-mentioned areas to keep your comments to yourself.These are residential areas, and not open space surrounded by bush.If the speed limititations are a problem for you, go and move to the outback.
    • jayen over 7 years ago
      if we wipe off 5 now, then what's to stop us from wiping off 5 every year? stop the madness!
      • concerned Local over 7 years ago
        That's just what's been happening, when I started driving built-up areas had a speed limit of 60mph =96.6Km/hand country roads 100mph =160Km/h and our car technology was nowhere near as good as today's cars.A lot of the road were better however particularly in built-up areas. I don't recall the huge pot holes we get in the eastern suburbs now. I have had to replace two tires in the last two years. When it rains deep pot holes fill with water and you cant see them you only feel the damage they cause.I disagree with the lower speed limits because they cause congestion but if the roads get any worse the point will be mute it just wont be safe to travel over 20Km/h on most roads.
      • omega7 over 7 years ago
        50k's in a street marked as such does not give a motorist the right to drive at whatever speed they like.Before you make such a comment, come back after you have seen a mangled/ lifeless body in a vehicle which was involved in a serious MVA.Why do you think they closed Botany Street at Rainbow Street? and placed a Roundabout at Sturt Street,intersecting with Botany Street?How many of the dead bodies have you seen in the countless accidents at these intersections duringthe 80's and 90's.Not a pretty sight, a dead body with parts missing. That period was madness, and those brainlesslead footed idiots who have killed themselves and other innocent people.Go and enrol yourself in a defensive driving course with Ian Luft. He will teach you something which is not taught by useless driving schools.
    • Bill B over 7 years ago
      Reducing the speed limit won't fix that, Police need to Police the 60k limit
  • Bill B over 7 years ago
    Leave them as they are make all road either 60 / 80 / 100 .There is too much congestion , slowing down the speed limit will not change that, will only become a revenue raiser for State and Council. Thats why we got rid of the last Labor NSW government, because of Political correctness. It will also increase emissions if you are a greenie
  • Supporter over 7 years ago
    I do not think as well that decreasing speed limits to 50 km/h would help minimise risk of road accidents, particularly anzac parade, maroubra and bunnerong road where certain parts of road are already around 50km/h in school zones and around park areas. The cars are already slowly moving through the narrow roads, putting speed limits will only exacerbate the morning traffic and aggravate drivers and peopel. I suggest that school hours be changed so you do not cause a bottleneck situation with school running mothers jamming the road with office workers.
  • SUZZIE over 7 years ago
    The roads are crazy as they are. Too many school zones at 40 and now they want 50 for the rest of the streets. Cars are not snails and if people are running across the street to get out of the cars way, then ask, where are they crossing. At a pedestrian crossing, at the lights or somewhere other than those. If people crossed at the correct places the need to run across the road would not be necessary. Some of the streets do not need a slow speed. Leave the speed limits as they are!
  • Wendy Wartho over 7 years ago
    I think it is a good idea to have the speed limit recuced to 50 kph on all these local roads. I am also concerned with the speed that drivers use when going through roundabouts, many do not even slow down. I think slow down signs before roundabouts should include a maximum low speed limit (e.g. 25 kph) - e.g. Day Avenue is a very dangerous road to cross now.
  • George the Swimmer over 7 years ago
    Dear Randwick Council,So, because of a “number of residents with strong voices” you will go and virtually put to halt major part of Eastern Suburbs? There is very little information you are providing to back your proposal!What is the “number of residents with strong voices”? What is the number of all residents? It would be great to have that answered in your introduction. What has been done to verify the claim of the “number of residents with strong voices”? From observations you may actually find very different reasons related to the issue! Were those speeding cars within current speed limit? Do you think a new speed limit will make those who are breaching the limit now to comply with it in the future? I am not sure.The Council straight away focuses on limiting the speed. I would be asking why?What about get a proper education to your planners and see if there are other options available to deal with the issue? What about implementing more pedestrian crossings in exposed areas? However, build them with safety and traffic flow in mind!What about an introduction of education for the “number of residents with strong voices” to behave more safely on the street. Get an advice to them how to be more visible on the street and additional safety recommendations. Why not to explain to them how to use pedestrian crossings to cross the road safely instead of jumping in front of cars (for example)?How about to synchronise traffic lights on main roads? That would smooth the traffic flow and decrease frustration of everyone (drivers and pedestrians as well). I am not surprised that many choose to speed up to beat the next lights instead of stopping AGAIN.What about to evaluate each road separately instead of blanket speed limit introductions? Who is going to be policing these new speed limits? Wouldn’t that be just another obstruction for law obeying residents?There are so many ways how to confirm the issue and how to deal with it! Would council be willing to spend more time on it instead of just rolling out speed limit signs?Cheers,George
    • concerned Local over 7 years ago
      Something strange is happening on this site twice now I click on disagree on comments that I didn't agree with and they automatically got an agree on them. The first time I thought I may have accidently clicked in between the two but the second time I made sure my pointer was well away from agree. I'm starting to think this is rigid in favour of reducing speed limits. I'd like an agree removed from Wendy Wartho Comment 11 28 Mar 2012, 11:43 AM and one removed from Clare Comment 3 27 Mar 2012, 7:27 PM as it occurred in both of these.
    • omega7 over 7 years ago
      Who gives a motorist the right to speed above 50's in streets already marked 50?Why do residents in a 50k Zone have to put up with excessive noise and fumes that come from lead footed speedsters?I certainly don' have to put up with it, and I don't have to move from my home to please motorists who think that getting from A to B is a race against time.I have completed a defensive driving course which teaches discipline and safety above all, how to handle the deadly weapon you are driving in different conditions. There are far too many people on the road with no driving skills at all.
  • tony over 7 years ago
    I don't think there should be any lowering of the speed limit. Many drivers are not respecting the 50k limits and the thought of reducing some to 40k is rediculous. More emphasis should be directed to excessive speed on our roads where drivers are exceeding the limit by more than just a few km. Instead of all the breath testing, more resources should be directed to excessive speed and antisocial behaviour on our roads.
  • Local concerned over 7 years ago
    I am in favor of reducing the speed limits to 50Km per hour and in some areas less. I live near darley road randwick and continually watch cars, trucks and buses speeding along this road. According to recently compiled statistics some 2000 vehicles per day exceed the 60km per hour speed limit along the road. During school days and weekends the parks are regularly being used by children and parents that run the gauntlet trying to cross the road. On match days the parks are full of children playing soccer, cricket etc. There are very few if any traffic calming devices along the strip to slow down traffic in these areas. Furthermore, there are few areas for park users to cross the road safely. There are frequent near misses. Fatal injuries are inevitable.
  • scrypton over 7 years ago
    I strongly oppose the reduction of speed limit. The slower the motorists, the longer they are on the roads, the more fatigue they are, the more accident they could cause.For people who "strongly voiced their opinions" against higher speed limits, I am writing to you right now to strongly voice my opinions against lowering the speed limits. Besides, you should never cross on undesignated or unmarked pedestrian crossings. Whatever happened to "look right, look left, look right again" rule? Maybe instead of lowering the speed limits the council should introduce a free course on how to properly cross the road for these people.
  • Lornav over 7 years ago
    I don't know about the above, but I have already emailed Scott Nash about reducing the speed/putting a camera in, and adding a crossing to Avoca street between the coach and horses and the shopping centre. I live close to there and people always exceed the limit dangerously, as if it's a race track. I have nearly seen people hit so many times where the motorists almost speed up when they are you crossing. And at night you get p platers racing each other.
    • concerned Local over 7 years ago
      if you cross at the many crossings instead of running out onto the road with on coming traffic you wont have a problem.Many blame drivers of being impatient but pedestrians who don't cross at crossings and even walk against don't walk signs are to blame for their own misfortune. Learn how to cross a road safely and you wont have a problem.
      • Lornav over 7 years ago
        Of course but for some reason even people carrying kids or pushing prams still try and cross in between the 2 crossings and I for one would be devastated if I had to witness the death of a child from my balcony. You could tell people a million times that they're endangering themselves but they will still do it. Besides that doesn't resolve my other issue of racing p platers after dark, revving and wheel spinning, racing and beeping each other just because it's a straight stretch.
        • concerned Local over 7 years ago
          Hoons are a problem every where even in small quiet residential streets. I call the police when they start around our area and find that if you call and report them every time the police make it an area that they target because they know from the many reports that they get from residents. Blocking traffic on main roads only causes congestion and pushes more cars onto normally quieter streets with no crossings. Then they complain so the streets are closed off and that's why Sydney is in a Jam.You cant inconvenience and punish the majority of good drivers for a few hoons Just as you cant protect Idiotic people from crossing a road in a dangerous way. Perhaps if pedestrians were made responsible for their actions by getting fined for crossing roads in a dangerous ways in the same way motorists are more lives will be saved But I have never seen council rangers or police issue fines to pedestrians and for that matter bike riders who can be just as dangerous.There is a great imbalance in responsibility just because it easy to identify a drive but to hard and expensive to police pedestrians and bike riders. In the mean time car congestion gets worse drives are more frustrated and distracted by all the new signs, road markings and changes in speed limits. If the imbalance is addressed and all groups who share the road are held responsible then the roads will be a lot safer.
  • Al. over 7 years ago
    If I recall correctly some road/street already had there speed limit reduced (like Bunnerong Road).it will be interesting to see an analysis of the speed reduction where it has been done.I wonder why the council is acting like it was the the first time this solution was proposed.
  • culdesac over 7 years ago
    As an expat Kiwi, I spend a bit of time driving at 50kmh in New Zealand and I have to agree with the comment that it seems to make people inattentive ... I notice it in myself even. It's slow enough to allow your mind to wander, whereas at 60kmh you do concentrate. I agree that it should be a case-by-case decision, and I wouldnt think it appropriate for many of the roads on the list.I also agree that Alison Rd should be on the list for some sort of traffic calming... cars zoom down the road and there is a bus stop near St Marks Rd where you take your life in your hands crossing.And how about doing something about the traffic flow around the Randwick shops. Belmore Rd is a horror as people drive unnecessarily in a huge loop right round the shops just to get to the carpark entrance in Avoca. And what about lights out the back there - move them from down by the church to where they are really in need, at the rear pedestrian exit from the shops. I see older people and young children putting themselves in danger trying to cross the busy four-lane Avoca at this point...
  • Ralph F over 7 years ago
    It's stupid because there is no consistency. Some roads are council with 50km others are state with 60km all in the same area. And then you should make the bikes follow the rules too. Cut in and out of traffic disobey traffic lights a law onto themselves. Saw one rider almost cause an accident lucky to be alive. Traffic lights at Matraville High School at Malabar on a quiet stretch but not at the corner of Franklin Street and Beauchamp Road. No idea. Then the roads are already congested and you take away road space for one or two bikes. What a waste of time and money. Just let the bikes ride on the side of the road which is standard on most of the roads why do you have to waste money creating these dumb bike lanes spend the money on more essential services.
  • atrest over 7 years ago
    Don't change the speed limits on these roads as these are key arterial roads. On top of this, existing speed limits are already low enough considering the flow of traffic during some times of the day...focus on removing trucks from roads instead ! Also buses clogg up roads, so what alternative public transport system is randwick planning for...sounds like nothing is planned for the next 20 years in the Eastern suburb apart from a Light rail (and only to Kingsford) much does it take to see that the LGA should be investing into underground metro rail system to avoid traffic congestion. If this happens I will stop using my car...until then road traffic will keep building and building...
  • hound over 7 years ago
    I think the speed limits that are in place now should stay.The traffic flow is slow enough now.Lowering the the speed limit on all roads that are suggested will only lead to frustration and revenue raising.Which cannot be policed.Instead of spending money on lowering speed limits on more roads spend the money on the existing 50 kph roads to ensure they are safe.
  • Charmayne over 7 years ago
    My parents and family have lived on Darley Road for decades between the intersection of Avoca St and Market St. The amount of cars using Darley Road has increased dramatically over this time. Cars often speed along above the limit and late at night you can hear cars speeding up the road sometimes with young adults calling out. Cars do not always adhere to the speed limit. It is a safety issue-as alot of people and children use Queens Park and Centennial Park along the road and cross over Darley Road to the park. On the section of Darley Road where Queens Park is-traffic lights are only situated on the intersection of Darley Road/Avoca St and Darley Road/Carrington Road-this leaves a nice stretch of road for those irresponsible drivers to speed. There is a need for change before the situation escalates further. The speed limit should definitely be lowered to 50 km/hr as an initial response. However I feel that more is needed to eradicate or at least minimise this issue. But as we know-some people are still going to speed no matter how low the speed limit. The amount of pedestrians who cross over at the Market St Intersection (especially in the afternoons and on the weekends)-calls for a set of traffic lights to be installed at this intersection to allow safe crossing. A Zebra crossing would not be a safe solution along Darley Road. I have experienced and seen cars not stopping and driving through zebra crossings. Then I have also witnessed the opposite where pedestrians just walk out on the pedestrian crossing without checking-making the assumption that cars will stop (this would be a safety issue for the amount of kids who use the park to play sport). The traffic lights would also help with the speeding issue. My last suggestion is speed humps. These should be installed along the road (especially on the hill section)-only a couple would be needed to help with this issue. Safety is paramount and these suggestions could help create a safer Darley Road for all to use. Thankyou
  • terrylustig over 7 years ago
    Travelling at greater than 50kph on these streets seems rarely necessary or even practicable, particularly in built up areas. It is important to make these streets safe and accessible for pedestrians. Where the road has two lanes in each direction, a rational argument can be made for leaving the speed limit at 60kph.
  • noway over 7 years ago
    Traffic in the Randwick area is slow enough, congestion, roundabouts and traffic lights take care of that. Should the Greenies and leftists get their way and we have the impost of a light rail, then we are going to get less than 50kph to the frustration of road users. Why not pull a Clover and put in bike lanes and really screw up the traffic. After all, she has managed to do it in so many areas already. Roads were made for cars, buses and motor bikes. Pedestrians need to take care - don't penalise drivers.
    • concerned Local over 7 years ago
      I totally agree I have to drive around the streets where clover had made all he great bike and pedestrian changes and cars can hardly travel in what were once safe wide streets with good visibility. Now they are cluttered buy hundreds of signs, lines all over the roads, speed humps, bike Lanes, trees and high planting, and lanes so narrow that even a small car has trouble negotiating. Traffic can hardly move at more than 20km/h and both pedestrians and bike riders venture out on to the roads without a care in the world not giving an approaching car a second though. Even at 20 km/h a person can be killed if run over. Is this the mentality are instilling that by slowing down cars to 40,30, 20, 10 km/h if a pedestrian or bike rider is going to survive getting hit. The chances of getting killed may be lower by going slower but if the took more care and responsibility as a priority over slowing down traffic they wouldn't get hit in the first place.
  • Octa over 7 years ago
    Lowering the speed limits will only cause a great number of drivers to continuously be looking at their speedometer in order to ensure the law is not broken, this may then cause accidents because no attention is paid to the road, where it should be. Traffic in the eastern suburbs has slowed down progressively due to a lack of good public transport infrastructure, or proper bike lane infrastructure (and I'm not talking about a bike stencilled on the road or a line painted between the flow of traffic and cars parked). Randwick is essentially a University town. In a lot of University towns across Europe, US and Canada a major effort is carried out to ensure students have adequate transport facilities, this includes reliable public transport and proper/safe bike lane infrastructure. Randwick also has a major hospital, this increases the amount of cars on the road. So, instead of wasting tax payer's money in lowering the speed limit of streets, why don't you funnel that money to create better public transport infrastructure, and safe passage for bicycle commuters.
    • concerned Local over 7 years ago
      I would totally agree with you expect that there is no room left on the roads for cars more and more lanes are being remove from the roads for special use as bus and bike lanes which is causing all the congestion. bus and bike lanes need to be added in addition to the current roads not instead of them.
    • Yvonne over 7 years ago
      I totally agree. I find I myself and other drivers that I have travelled with are so focused on watching the speedometer in 40 kph school zones, due to the incredible penalties for even going slightly over the limit, that we are unable to really focus on driving safely. It is makes for a very dangerous and absolutely crazy situation.
  • kaisermcmahon over 7 years ago
    I do NOT think the speed limit on these roads should be lowered to 50 kph at all. As others have mentioned, these are arterial roads that assist in residents getting across the city in an efficient manner. Reducing the speed limit will cause more problems and not really increase the safety of pedestrians. If there are trouble spots (e.g., Avoca at the shops, Darley Road), then other solutions should be evaluated such as traffic lights or pedestrian crossings. However, if any additional traffic lights are installed, I would strongly suggest the Council learn how to synchronise them with other traffic lights. The lights that were installed on Alison Road at The Avenue have been a disaster for traffic flow, even if they have made a safer crossing for pedestrians.
    • concerned Local over 7 years ago
      If you haven't worked it out yet the lights are designed to slow down traffic not let it flow.It's a very rare event to get more that one or two sets of lights green in Sydney you either have to travel well below the speed limit or well above it to get them. This is probably one of the most frustrating aspects of driving around Sydney and the closer you get into the city the worse it gets. Every intersection has lights that only lets you travel to the next intersection before stopping and going again, even on main roads.
    • what over 7 years ago
      The traffic lights on Alison Road at The Avenue were installed because the RMS has a policy of no pedestrian crossings on state roads. That part of Alison Road is a state road.What Council are talking about here is LOCAL roads. Council has very limited input on STATE roads.
  • tony over 7 years ago
    The upgrade of the section of Bunnerong Rd. will soon be completed and there will be no justification for lowering the speed limit there.The section of Anzac Pde is dual carriageway so why would there be any need to lower the speed limit. There too many vehicles speeding along Maroubra Rd. between Bunnerong Rd. and Anzac Pde., but there is no justification to lower the speed limit, rather police excessive speeding there.
  • vespa over 7 years ago
    Leave the speeds as they are especially anzac pde and bunnerong road! Council should be more concerned with the huge increase of traffic due to the over development of Little Bay. (still growing and growing and growing!) Free up space in the middle of Anzac pde to allow for another lane to allow for more free flowing traffic. One lane when cars are parked is ridiculous for a main arterial road. Council is reaping more rates from the development and now it must be responsible and make the roads reflect the increasing needs of the ever increasing population!
  • omega7 over 7 years ago
    Absolutely no impact to motorists. 50k Zones in these areas would reduce the large number of accidents and provide residents with safer streets. In addition I would like to add that 50k Zones are absolutely useless as motorists do not obey these limits, for example Sturt Street between Avoca Street and Botany Street has become an expressway created by the fools who think that this thoughroufare is there quick short cut to Bunnerong Road heading to Eastgardens and Avoca Street heading to Randwick.None of the garbage that comes through here drives at 50k, try 70 to 100 with P-Platers in high performance rubbish driving like they have been given a licence to drive like maniacs. The law needs an overhaul, as a 50k speed sign is just a piece of metal on a pole for young bored and brainless graffiti idiots to deface.
  • omega7 over 7 years ago
    Some of the comments on here are a joke. I live in a Street which is clearly marked 50k's. Do you think the sub human rubbish that uses this street a drive through short cut, stick to 50k's. NOI have had enough of your noise pollution and fumes, especially those P-Platers who have no driving skills whatsoever, just a pea sized brain in a high powered car which is standard issue for a Provisional Driver.Speed limits are enforced for a reason, not the whingers who think it will slow them down. Use your brain and with time management, not a rush of blood to the head when in a hurry.
    • Binda over 7 years ago
      slow driving causes slower relexes, driver frustration, road rage and stress and brings Sydney to a stand still causing more frustration. This is far more dangerous for everyone. Drivers should be required to have flexes tested before they get a licence and if they can't respond quickly deny them a licence. I am 60 and have 45 years of driving experience. Defensive driving should be part of all driver training like we recieved in compulsory driver training in the old Sydney County Council. Don't lower speeds, produce better drivers.
  • omega7 over 7 years ago
    Just read a comment about someone complaining about why they shouldn't be allowed to text and drive? Is this person normal. What on earth do people think driving a motor vehicle is about? You need to be educated and shown a video of what a human body looks like after a serious MVA.
  • Beachgirl over 7 years ago
    I'd like to see all local roads have a 50km speed limit. It will make it much safer for all pedestrians (young and elderly), cyclists and especially young adults using the roads (the trend at the moment seems to be for younger people to wear ipods etc and casually walk onto the road without looking out for moving vehicles, pedestrian safety appears to be a low priority for many young people). Most of our local roads are narrow and single lane and only cope with a certain volume of traffic in peak hour. It would be far easier for local drivers to stick to a constant 50km in the local area, than move through various speed zones all the time. This is cumbersome and confusing. With more cyclist and scooters on our roads, drivers need to safely share this space with them and having a 50km zone all around the local area will help with developing this mindset of a shared road space. I vote for applying a 50km speed zone on all local roads.
    • omega7 over 7 years ago
      Best Comment, I agree with you 1000%.There is a comment on this page by a (BINDA), who thinks the speed limits should be raised to 70k's.Who educates these people? and how do people differentiate a built-up commercial and residential area,to a road surrounded by bush and wildlife?The positive answers agreeing to this debate are mostly long term residents, or those who are well educated,proficient motorists.The negative answers disagreeing to this debate are coming from those who are new to these areas,Young Drivers with insufficient experience driving a motor vehicle, and those who have lead in theirfeet, and pea sized brains.
  • omega7 over 7 years ago
    Before anyone debates the issue of Speed Zones, and disagree with this, they should see what a mangled body looks like in a vehicle which has been involved in a serious accident, and this was in a50 zone where the vehicles were traveling above that speed.If you have not seen a mangled / lifeless body, Do not make a comment, as your words are worthless.
    • fnrfr over 7 years ago
      This is really tragic and we are sorry for your experience. Feel this is more an issue of the existence of cars and people than speed rules. Altering speed limits will not stop these tragic accidents, the elimination of motor vehicles will.
    • concerned Local over 7 years ago
      I’m very sorry for your trauma but your argument is flawed. Buy your own account the driver was speeding a high speed so no matter what the speed limit is this idiot was going to crash.I think is important to distinguish between hoon behavior and slowing down traffic most of the comments I have read on this site are a reflection of hoons breaking existing speed limits and endangering themselves and others and obviously people have been traumatized, annoyed or are generally anti-cars and will do anything to furthered frustrate drivers to make them stop using cars. With the cost and frustration of driving around Sydney growing exponentially each year I’m sure many would give up driving if they had a genuine alternative but we don’t because as you quoted cars are a cash cow for all levels of government and for all the talk of getting them off the road frankly where would they get the revenue from if they lost the billions of dollars from taxes and fines. My final comment is check your emotions, do you want to bring Sydney to a standstill or get real and educate all road users to take responsibility for their own actions. This comment precludes that genuine accidents do happen at any speed and perhaps the best way to prevent them is by building safer roads with good visibility and the ability to move out of the way of a potential accidents. The trend now seems to be to make roads as narrow as possible and put as many obstructions as possible to block drivers from seeing anyone or anything that may venture on to the road all in the name of slowing traffic down but even at 20 km/h a person can be killed if run over.
  • fnrfr over 7 years ago
    We think the traffic speeds in Randwick on average are slow anyway because of the volume of traffic. This is only likely to continue to get worse over time so there will be plently of opportunity for revenue raising through potential speeding fines without having to lower the speed limit. Better to spend the money on improving the road quality as let's face there are many poorly maintaned ones, school area warning signage and flashing lights and improving alternative and greater public transport options for Randwick residents.
  • morricio over 7 years ago
    YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. 50km/hr? These 60km/hr speed limits have been in place for DECADES. Ever stop to think WHY? These are ARTERIAL ROADS. It would be almost like saying "Oh i know the Hume Highway is a highway, but i'm concerned about pedestrian safety, LET'S REDUCE THE HIGHWAY SPEED TO 90." Complete Insanity...I've lived in this area for 23 years, i've had it with you whingers trying to ruin people's ability to move around the place in a car, just because you can't use the PROPER MARKED CROSSINGS. There are PLENTY of crossings. When i cross one of these arterial roads as a pedestrian (I'm a pedestrian as well!), i DON'T think to myself "Golly gosh, this traffic is moving too fast, i can't cross safely at this random point on the road! We should slow all the traffic down so i can cross", (This is FAULTY THINKING at it's finest) Instead i think "Yes, traffic is moving at 60, because it's a major thoroughfare, This is an arterial road, so i will use the designated crossings appropriately". These roads were designed to carry major traffic, which is why they are signposted 60 in the first place. Forget that most of the time you can barely make it to 60, but it's nice sometimes at night, with no traffic, being able to get home in a quick and efficient manner. The only things i would support are intersection upgrades, road upgrades, and continuously flashing lights installed on pedestrian crossings. (These lights make drivers more aware of an approaching crossing.) They have a few in Canberra, and they are very effective. They look like amber traffic lights, but just always flash amber, 24/7. That's all you need to do if you want to improve driver awareness of pedestrian crossings on arterial roads.Contrary to popular belief amongst Seniors, as time goes on - roads are actually getting safer and safer. Last year's NSW road toll was the lowest since the 1940's. It's on a continual decline, and it's NOT because we've suddenly dropped the speed limit everywhere! This road toll INCLUDES pedestrians!
    • what over 7 years ago
      The roads are there to share - motor vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians. Flashing lights indicate a hazard, eg an accident. Imagine living next to something that flashed continuously, very disturbing on sleep, well being etc.And it's the hoons late at night or the tradies, early morning, that speed absurdly. When it's dark or at dawn it's hard to see hazards ahead, so like when it's raining, drive slower. The RMS should switch all the traffic lights to 'RED between 10pm-6am to limit these speeding idiots, but they'll have some reason not to.
  • Alex 1 over 7 years ago
    I do not agree with lowering the speed limit on these roads. Instead of lowering speed how about improving traffic flow along these streets by preventing right hand turns from main roads (particularly Bunnerong Rd) into minor streets. This would improve traffic flow along the main road and stop rat running through local residential residential streets.
  • peterc over 7 years ago
    We need a study to show the effect of lowering speed limits.How many accidents occur on the roads that are being looked at?Across the board actions are not justified-selective action based on evidence is the only way forward to keep the motorists o side with the council.There are many signs on our roads and changes made recently that warrant examination before wholesale changes are made. The exit from the car park opposite Freshpoint at Maroubra Junction has been badly designed and altered leading to dangerous manouvres to leave the car park. Letes look at the existing problems first.
  • what over 7 years ago
    Totally support move to 50km per hour, especially for consistency, instead of constant changes from streets leading off these. In the streets listed in my area (Carrington Road, Coogee Bay Road, Cowper & Darley) there are schools, shops, bus stops etc which see a lot of pedestrian movement.The topography of these streets (either steep, winding etc) adds to pedestrian risk. Given the short stretches of road involved to change from 60km to 50 km will make no real difference to travel times, there's so many other variables, including traffic lights, roundabouts, marked pedestrian crossings etc. State roads (parts of Anzac, Alison & Avoca in my area) are generally multilaned, at least for most of the day, so a higher speed is reasonable, but 50km on local roads is the way to go.
  • Wentworth over 7 years ago
    As mentioned by other comments - I support speed limits being be evaluated on a case-by-case basis ... with an emphasis on a case-by-case basis, eg the speed limit on Cowper St/Randwick immediately near Randwick North Public School is regulated during specific school hours to 40kms, whereas the immediatly surrounding streets are Wentworth St (Randwick) is a straight stretch of road (North/South) between Darley Rd and Cowper St of approx 3/4 kms. Wentworth St is residential and is used by locals to walk to the Randwick shopping centre and by children walking to schools - Randwick North Public, Emmanuel and Moriah Colleges ...Cars and motor bikes regularly accelerate along this straight stretch of road at speeds well in excess of the 60km limit. A 50 km limit would go some way to limiting danger.Peter / Wentworth
  • mak over 7 years ago
    I think Beauchamp Rd (between Botany Rd and Bunnerong Rd) should be reduced to 50 kph as it has a lot of very hazardous (black spots) intersections, as well as being a very busy road and a heavy vehicle route & (HML) route.