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Your comments on the banners

over 5 years ago

Is there anything that you want to say about where the banners should fly?

Consultation has concluded. 

Thanks to everyone who let us know where they thought the banners should fly. 

  • Brad about 5 years ago
    Dont anger the residents again by only having Souths flags. Coogee is in the Eastern Subs and has always traditionally been Roosters territory with everything East of Anzac pde Roosters and anything west Rabbitohs. By all means put both clubs up however Randwick council put those Roosters flags up in Coogee!
  • SteveSyd about 5 years ago
    Your team is no longer named the Eastern Suburbs Roosters, nor the Sydney City Roosters.If you wish to be realistic about this, your team has had a third name change to Sydney Roosters, suggested by some 'genius' at a board meeting who thought this title would attract a wider spectrum of fan support and membership.Unfortunately, going by your membership numbers, this failed as well.So, if you wish to go my name association, the geographical heart of Sydney is now Parramatta, so I suggest, given your team is the Sydney Roosters, maybe you should line the streets of George Street Parramatta with Rooster flags.Try that one, lol.
  • Ray Brown about 5 years ago
    The Coogee/Randwick area is a part of the South Sydney Rabbitohs district. This is a statement of fact and not an opinion.Discussions of the legitimacy of the display of Rabbitohs flags in the Coogee/Randwick area as designated by the NRL boundaries, begin and end with this statement.Assertions that somehow a neighbouring NRL Club have rights to have their banners replace those of the Rabbitohs - as the incumbent NRL Club, while irrelevant are also, in my opinion specious. Junior clubs such as the Coogee Dolphins and the Coogee/Randwick Wombats are affiliated with the South Sydney Juniors organization. Junior players in the younger grades have their registration fees paid and playing kits partially supplied by the Souths Juniors Club.The Coogee/Randwick Wombats in particular are a shining light in the Souths Juniors competition having supplied a number of players who have risen through Souths Juniors ranks to play NRL football with the Rabbitohs.John Sutton and Jason Clarke are two ex Coogee/Randwick Wombats players in the current Rabbitohs' NRL squad.Shannon McPherson is also a recent Souths NRL player from the Wombats Club. I have also never heard of Craig Wing being mentioned as anything but a Souths Junior - also from the Coogee/Randwick Wombats. Beau Falloon also came through the ranks from the Wombats to play NRL with the Rabbitohs. Reni Matua was another to play through the Souths Juniors system from the Wombats but unfortunately moved on to another club before playing NRL.All of these players as well as many other players who did not go on to play NRL football, their families and friends have grown up as part of the South Sydney Rabbitohs family in the Coogee/Randwick district.Despite some comments I have seen on this forum I see support within the district for the Rabbitohs often, including anytime I leave home wearing a Rabbitohs cap or jumper when people constantly offer a passing - "go the bunnies" or when I am coming home from a Rabbitohs game on a Coogee bus from Central with dozens of similar supporters.This is all simply an explanation of the Rabbitohs community within the district.The only totally relevant fact is that this area is designated by the NRL as part of the South Sydney Rabbitohs District.
  • SteveSyd about 5 years ago
    If I ever see the Rooster flags replacing the Rabbitohs flags in Coogee, I will view it as a FORCED OCCUPATION of an established Rabbitoh territory through the powers political bias, not DISPUTED territory.I don't think the Mayor of Randwick will want to be confronted and deal with 50-100 thousand annoyed Rabbitoh supporters marching up Coogee Bay Road, protesting the issue if the change ever happened. I recall one Rupert Murdoch being taken on by the Rabbitoh supporters and we all know the outcome of that.If Rupert Murdoch is an example to go by, I suggest the Mayor of Randwick should think very carefully when addressing this issue.It will certainly influence my decision big time at the next Mayoral election if the unthinkable was to occur.
  • 4mycar about 5 years ago
    Get your facts correct: 1. The Roosters never looked after their juniors and that is why they came under the care of the Rabbitohs. You can't have them back after over 60 years because you have been unable to put in place the necessary and fundamental due care and diligence required to build your own. 2. A few of our players reside in Coogee. 3. Our players train at Maroubra, Coogee and Clovelly beaches, especially in the summer season. 4. South Sydney Rabbitoh supporters are more often than not well-educated and to keep insinuating otherwise is a reflection or defect in your character, not ours.
    • Ray Brown about 5 years ago
      I actually wanted to bring this up as well but because I don't have irrefutable facts and figures from 60 years ago I initially decided against it. There is definitely a strong school of thought that suggests that the junior teams were not "stolen" in the 1950's but re-allocated because of complete neglect.
    • SteveSyd about 5 years ago
      Your comment quote " South Sydney Rabbitoh supporters are more often than not well-educated and to keep insinuating otherwise is a reflection or defect in your character, not ours." unquote. Can you please provide the study you derived this information you claim as a fact? I doubt you can. There isn't one.I can provide you though, many studies that have concluded the not well- educated in our society are more likely to engage in less paying jobs and therefore more likely to have much less disposable income to spend outside essentials.Then, how do you explain that Souths membership numbers (a luxury), is around double that of rooster membership numbers, if you wish to look at derivatives on where the more fortunate in our society spend their additional, disposable income? That my friend is a non debatable fact.Looking forward to you justifying there is no defect in your character or just disappear from here and cut your losses.
      • 4mycar about 5 years ago
        We have a team worth supporting. The fact that Rooster territory belongs to some of the wealthiest suburbs in Australia and their membership support is appalling is evident that even their own members don't feel it necessary to support a team of grubs. Like you stated my friend...facts are facts...except for when explaining how you fit 12 rep players under your salary cap ? that instance even Andrew Wiles can't solve that one. Explain how Te'o received 4 weeks for a chicken wing and Guerra received 1 ? Must be nice to buy your way to a Premiership
        • SteveSyd about 5 years ago
          Whilst I found the 1 week offered to Guerra a joke, unfortunately it was based on the points system on his record.This is a clear example as to why it doesn't work, given the difference between Guerra's and Teo's.Turner was genuinely hurt and had to go off for treatment, whilst Thaiday himself supported Teo by stating there was nothing in it and shaking his arm when he got up was to do with a previous mishap.
  • nuglas about 5 years ago
    Junior team boundaries have nothing to do with anything. Souths Juniours are separate from Souths the NRL team. Souths don't play in the Randwick council area, don't train in the Randiwck council area and don't have a leagues club in Randwick council area. So why is the council wasting our rates on Souths? Nobody in Coogee ever tried to sell their house by claiming it was in South Sydney......
    • Greek Stud about 5 years ago
      And no one ever tried to sell it stating it was in Sydney Rooster! Don't forget which club changed its name and identity for fear of becoming extinct!
      • tomh2092 about 5 years ago
        • Greek Stud about 5 years ago
          Exactly what fact is wrong. The club changed its name from Eastern Suburbs Roosters to and I quote from the site you mentioned "the newly named Sydney City Roosters". It is now known as the Sydney Roosters. Have I touched a raw nerve here Tomh2092? I wouldn't be happy either if my club changed its name either to merely obtain a geographical advantage. What next NSW Roosters? Try for Australian Roosters, you might get 20,000 members that way.
          • Salvatori Grubber about 5 years ago
            You do realise that Souths lack of vision had the ultimate result in them being kicked out of the comp, right?Our proactive approach to the brand was a very prudent and strategic move amidst a very turbulent Murdoch-led coup on this game we all love. And it worked a treat. Look at our successes over the last 15 years. Heaps of Origin reps, Australian reps, Grand Finals, Premierships, Club Championships, we stopped Murdoch (along with Manly) – paving the way for you ingrates to be allowed back in to the comp.What have The Pride of the League™ achieved in the same period? Let's see… um. Er… Ah! You became a name synonymous with wrestling, and you allowed Russell Crowe to make your club a personal play-thing.
            • SteveSyd about 5 years ago
              What percentage of rosster players with all those rep and premiership honors were actually local rooster juniors compared to the high priced imports that achieved all this? Hardly any.Arthur Beetson, Brad Fittler, Ron Coote for starters all called rooster legends but I would find that embarrassing knowing their hearts laid and lay elsewhere. How many of the current rooster top 20 players are local juniors compared to Souths? Two?
              • Salvatori Grubber about 5 years ago
                Who cares? If the boundaries hadn't changed then half the Souths Juniors would have been Easts. The whole thing's dumb. Look at Coote. His dad played for Easts as they lived in Kingsford, but when the boundaries changed Ron had to play for Souths as by then Kingsford was Souths territory. In addition, the absolute vast majority of Roosters over those success periods came through Roosters Junior sides - just not local teams. Ergo, we produced them. The other thing to note is that with the rare number of local juniors we did produce, an inordinate number went on to play reps. Eg. Fletcher, Ricketson, Cross, Tamou, Symonds, SKD.
                • SteveSyd about 5 years ago
                  Much of the rivalry, understandably, not only stems from being neighbours, but it escalated during the period when Souths were out of the comp and the roosters did all they could to justify it staying that way, with the agenda of taking over the Souths junior comp and hence, the breeding ground of future talent.
  • LB about 5 years ago
    Paddington, Bondi and Clovelly are Roosters junior football teams, Moore Park, Kensington and Coogee-Randwick are South Sydney junior football teams. The Coogee Dolphins started in 1993 in the old Easts junior comp then moved to the South Sydney junior comp in 1995. It would seem the boundary is basically Alison Rd, then along Arden St stopping at the Coogee Bay Rd intersection. To the north of the boundary is Rooster territory to the south of that boundary Rabbit territory
  • sensual123 about 5 years ago
    More should be in the botany areas …..Forshore Rd, Botany Street right through to Mascot, Alexandria.
  • Truly over 5 years ago
    The three members of my family feel that the Roosters pennants should fly as far south as the start of Maroubra. Randwick / Coogee are still in Roosters territory. Souths pennants should not encroach on Randwick. Thank you.
  • brayden about 5 years ago
    This entire council area is east of Anzac Parade, and without a doubt in the eastern Sydney.There are plenty of areas in *south* sydney which will be flying the south sydney banners, BRING ON THE EASTS!
  • Jack36 about 5 years ago
    This is pretty ridiculous... just because South Sydney have juniors in the East doesn't actually change the fact that Randwick City is considered part of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs by every definition bar the juniors maps. Plenty of clubs have juniors from all over the place, but Easts aren't about to start flying Roosters flags in the Central Coast because they now have feeder clubs there. Randwick and its constituent suburbs are Eastern Suburbs and therefore part of Easts territory and it's really that simple.
  • paul h about 5 years ago
    its time this souths are coogee randwick nonsense stopped. these are heartland eastern suburbs suburbs full stop . Souths stole them through having all the power on the nswrl board in the 50s and have been camping ever since. Its only fair that these suburbs go back to easts as souths have plenty of juniour territory in there area.
    • Greek Stud about 5 years ago
      Stole them Paul! That's as truthful as you're so called 13000+ you officially reported as a crowd on Saturday against the Storm. With all your on field success, you still manage to have half the membership that Souths enjoys. Imagine if you won the wooden spoon what your crowds would be like?
      • GeorgeR about 5 years ago
        GS - while I'm pleasantly surprised at your level of literacy given who you support I am disappointed with the level of competency you display in maths. Last I checked you had won 20 premierships to Easts 13 - doesn't equate to half mate. Further to this I would also refute the claim that current Souths supporters 'enjoyed' these premierships given that they all occurred generations ago (b&w photos anyone?). Conversely all current Easts fans have 'enjoyed' 5 GF's and 2 premierships in the last 12 years. Also, Easts have won more games and less wooden spoons than Souths. Feel free to bask in past glory if this helps you through the night my friend but the facts clearly indicate that Easts have thrived in recent times while Souths have failed. Easts have achieved the glory that you so crave and will continue to do so. So, while I would prefer to see Easts banners in my locality, I won't lose any sleep if this doesn't eventuate. I will once again chuckle to myself when the Souths banners are taken down within hours of Souths exiting the semi-finals as occurred last year while at the same time looking forward to another GF appearance.
      • Salvatori Grubber about 5 years ago
        I love this "we have more memberships than you" position that Souths fans take.Big deal? Andre Rieu or Celine Dion have sold heaps more albums than, say, Paul Kelly or Crowded House. The latest Transformers film grossed more than Donnie Darko. Shifting more units is hardly a feat to hang your hat on – that said, being Souths supporters you really do have to cling to something – regardless of how much of a 'success' it actually is.
        • Ray Brown about 5 years ago
          Respond that way if you like but it is not at all relevant to my post. I was stating that George R. had completely mis-read the post from Greek Stud after making an unsuccessful attempt to belittle him. Interesting that you think that popularity is not important in a football club though.
      • SteveSyd about 5 years ago
        Totally agree. There were 33,000 at the Swans game on the same day so weather is not an excuse if you are a true supporter.The fact is, thousands of rooster supporters have the Swans as their main club of choice, then the roosters in the Watsons Bay to Clovelly area.
  • SteveSyd about 5 years ago
    The Coogee Wombats is a club registered as part of the Souths Juniors family.The Clovelly Crocs is an Eastern Suburbs junior club registered to PLAY in the Souths Juniors comp.
  • scottwhite about 5 years ago
    There is a good rundown on the Juniors boundary on wikipedia: defines the Juniors line as going along Alison rd, down Belmore Tce, then straight down Coogee Bay road. looks like Coogee split in the middle, maybe Green and Red at the Coogee Bay Hotel, and Red and Blue at the Coogee Pavilion.
  • Aa1965 about 5 years ago
    This is a simple test go to COOGEE and ask any visitor or resident where they are or were they live and more often than not the answer would be the Eastern suburbs , but for over 43 years now the our poor relations from Homebush have had nothing but envy of what we have achieved and that really must burn them up as 1 of only 2 current NRL teams NOT TO make a grand final let alone win one in 43 years it must really hurt to see your wealthy neighbours play in 10 grand finals (win or lose we were at the big dance) since the last time they were in one but I don't really understand why all the Jealousy in the East we have Double Bay and Vaucluse in the South they have Little Bay and La Perouse, in the East we drink café latte by the sea in the South its ice coffee move in Eveleigh street our supporters live in mansions by the sea in the south supporters live in housing commissions flats by the railway tracks and as for having double the supporters WERE the bloody hell are they, the average crowds for roosters 2013 was 19200 south was 22400 and that's only because you were able to pull 60, 000 to your last game and who was that against the MIGHTY CHOOKS and from memory we did a lap of honour holding jj giltinan shield, yes you were once a good team and I remember my grandfather's father telling me how good the bunnies were but for the past 45 years you have lived in our shadow and been our NOISY poor and irrelevant neighbours singing Botany Road taking me home stay there please, and leave the beach side suburbs to those that can afford them
  • Mary K about 5 years ago
    The South Sydney Rabbitohs (often shortened to Souths) is a professional Australian rugby league football team based in Redfern, a suburb of south-central Sydney,[1] New South Wales. They participate in the National Rugby League (NRL) premiership and are one of nine existing teams from the state capital. The club was formed in 1908 as one of the founding members of the New South Wales Rugby Football League, making them one of Australia's oldest rugby league teams. They are one of only two foundation clubs still present in the NRL, the other being the Sydney Roosters.[2] The South Sydney District Rugby League Football Club is currently a subsidiary company 75% owned by Blackcourt League Investments which is, in turn, owned by the actor Russell Crowe and entrepreneur Peter Holmes a Court. The other 25% is owned by the financial Members of the club.The Rabbitohs' traditional heartland covers the once typically working-class suburbs of inner-south and south-eastern Sydney, however they have long held a wide supporter base spread all over New South Wales. The team's home ground is currently ANZ Stadium at Sydney Olympic Park. In the New South Wales Rugby League (1908–1994), Australian Rugby League (1995–1997), and National Rugby League (1998–present) competitions South Sydney are the most successful professional team in the history of Australian rugby league in terms of total championships won, having claimed 20 first grade premierships. However, the last of these was won in 1971. It is important to note that the South Sydney Rabbitohs of today are no longer the traditional 'South Sydney District Rugby League Football Club' established in 1908. The traditional club was wound up after privatization, and the football operations playing under the 'South Sydney' brand are in fact owned by a private company, BlackCourt League Investments Ltd.Wikipedia states: SOUTH SYDNEY traditionally based in REDFERN, and training in SYDNEY OLYMPIC PARK - not COOGEE, KINGSFORD, RANDWICK or KENSINGTON enough said... :D GO THE ROOSTERS......................................
  • tomh2092 about 5 years ago
    Sydney's eastern suburbs - Sydney Roosters was founded in 1908 in Paddington, Sydney, under the name Eastern Suburbs. Anything east of Anzac Parade is the Eastern Suburbs.
  • 4mycar about 5 years ago
    After reading the comments on here I find myself highly suspicious of the motives behind the Roosters trying to claim territory that does not belong to them. Could this be because they desperately seeking a larger fan base? Even after winning a premiership their membership and attendance at games has been woeful and embarrassing.... Forever in our shadow SSTID
  • Ray Brown about 5 years ago
    There is a boundary between the South Sydney District and the East's District. Obviously this should determine where the banners are displayed. Clovelly Beach should have Roosters banners ...Coogee Beach should have Souths banners. There are many logical and emotional attachments between Souths and the Randwick district including with the Randwick Rugby Club over many decades and also the funding of junior rugby League by Souths Juniors but I don't even think that these arguments need to be made. Simply abide by the NRL boundaries justice will be done.
  • carlos about 5 years ago
  • keyzie about 5 years ago
    The original 1908 boundary was Anzac parade. East was Easts and west was souths. Over the years the nswrl has changed them for various reasons including souths requests through the locality rule. Now that said Rule is defunct it should go back to where it was. East and west of Anzac parade. East for Easts and west for souths.
  • 4mycar about 5 years ago
    Randwick Council territory is predominately South Sydney's area. The South Sydney Juniors have been playing football in your parks for as long as I can remember including the Coogee Wombats. I don't understanding why Randwick Council is even entertaining the few miserly complaints from Roosters supporters. You have bought pride and joy to your wonderful residents by supporting your local NRL Club. If I see a Roosters flag in our area I will burn it.
    • Greek Stud about 5 years ago
      Totally agree 4mycar. You wouldn't see Rabbitohs supporters whinging to Waverley or Woollahra councils about putting Souths flags there. But then again, not sure that these councils put up any flags. Well done Randwick council. Look forward to seeing the Souths flags up everywhere again.
  • wicket over 5 years ago
    they should both be flying but then again Waverley Council do not fly the Bunnies banners do they and the roosters are located in Bondi so may be more Bunnies banners than Roosters ones
  • Levendy over 5 years ago
    The area should be dvided approximately 50% for Rabbitohs banners and 50% for Rossters banners . I think anything North of Gardeners Road and North of Rainbow Street should fly the Roosters banners. Anything South of these Roads should fly the Rabbitohs banners. I know Bunnerong Road in Matraville had Rabbtohs banners last year but the map is not showing them as available that Randwick Council posted. Can Randwick Coucnil put Rabbitohs banners there?